the best releases of summer 2022

What does the Disney Plus streaming platform have in store for you this summer 2022? As usual, the famous film production company thinks about the whole family and offers content adapted to each generation. We can already tell you that the summer season should fill you up!

Disney+: Take advantage of the programs for the month of August!

The Disney+ streaming platform is waiting for you!
Enjoy all your favorite Disney movies, series and documentaries now.

Disney+ catalogue: action and entertainment on the programme


Your animation studies Favorites have been busy since the beginning of the year. New achievements, each more promising than the last, are imminent.

But that’s not all. More award-winning and critically acclaimed film will make their entrance in Disney Plus catalog this summer. As well as captivating series and documentaries to consume alone or with the familywithout moderation.

Here is what awaits you on the streaming video platform for the beautiful season of the year 2022.

A highly anticipated series

No need to prolong the tension any longer. From 17 August 2022fans of marvel universe will have the pleasure of discovering the series She-Hulk: Lawyer.

Announced by the Marvel group for months now, the female adventures famous green and muscular hero finally lands on your screens. Alongside Tatiana Maslany in the role of superheroexpect to get your adrenaline pumping nine episodes of more or less thirty minutes.

The series follows the daily life of Jennifer Walters, a lawyer specializing in cases involving the supernatural. But how manage a successful legal career when we count one green titanium in his family?

Of many adventures wait for the 30-year-old whose career testifies to the difficulties of juggling his professional life, his personal existence and his new forces. Because She-Hulk is actually equipped with the same abilities as her male counterpart!

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Disney+ summer 2022: tenderness and good mood

Let’s stay a little longer in the Marvel universe. Since August 10young and old have the pleasure of finding the adorable little tree present in the movies Guardians of the Galaxy: Groot.

How can one not melt over this young shoot decked out in such touching clumsiness? IN exclusive miniseries My name is Grootreuniting with Vin Diesel to voice Baby Groot, and Bradley Cooper as Rocket, the mischievous raccoon who won’t leave his side.

Five original short films allow us to follow the travails of the tree as it grows and explore the galaxy. Failure and success follow each other at a frantic pace and with humor in the daily life of this little creature; and one thing is for sure, you will follow them with pleasure.

Exchangelet the battle begin


that battle theme is really in the spotlight this summer on Disney Plus! Just like the movie Exchangewhich is broadcast on the screens since 5 August 2022. Entitled” The Predator returns to hunt “, this feature film is actually a new iteration of the successful saga predator.

Narua member of the Indian tribe of the Comanches, has set himself a mission unbeknownst to all his fellow men: protect his clan when the slightest danger approaches. What is the best way to overcome a war machine straight out of space ?

This is what Naru will try to discover, with great confrontation between tomahawk and technological weapons. turn off the lights prepare the popcorn and make yourself comfortable on your sofa: excitement guaranteed !

Amber Midthunder takes on the first major role of her career in this captivating film directed by Dan Trachtenbergalready known for its production of 10 Cloverfield Lane.

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Take a journey through the galaxy

This summer 2022, Disney Plus is also thinking about fans of The Star Wars universeespecially with an animated film that will delight the youngest and older children.

With the short film LEGO STAR WARS: It’s Summer!Disney delivers a very nice performance here, perfectly in tune with the summer season. Lightness and laughter is at the meeting.

Everything happens after the episode Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Finnthe main character, hopes to take some rest after suffering repeated abuse from imperial guard. He therefore organizes a well-deserved holiday for him and his friends.

Naturally, nothing goes as planned and Finn finds himself isolated from the group. While trying to join them, he encounters the ghosts of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and Leia Organa. Many follow summer vacation stories which did not go as expected…

Cult movie added to catalog

More successful feature films will appear in the Disney Plus index this summer. The reason for watch or revisit great cinema classicsfeeling good about relaxing when the mercury reaches record temperatures…

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Speaking of a heat wave, it’s only fitting that the iconic film Heat will burst on the SVOD platform on August 26. Of course you have to wait a few more weeks, but the wait is worth it.

The duo formed by Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, true icons of the seventh art, allow you to immerse yourself with pleasure in this feature film of almost three hours. Possible proof that American cinema is capable of producing thrillers worthy of the name.

Follow face to face who opposes Neil McCauleyemeritus robber and Vincent Hanna, an experienced lieutenant, after a robbery gone wrong. An event that will attract a little too much attention for his liking to the criminal who would do without publicity.

In time, the two men will reveal themselves to each other, without ever meeting. If not at the very end of the film, during a mythical scene where their respective dislike and admiration.

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Disney+: Take advantage of the programs for the month of August!

The Disney+ streaming platform is waiting for you!
Enjoy all your favorite Disney movies, series and documentaries now.

yo yo rabbitbetween drama and comedy

The now famous feature film of New Zealand director Taika Waititi can be seen on a small screen since August 12, 2022 on Disney+.

Jojo Rabbit, a young boy with an abundance of imagination, invents a friend with whom he shares his daily life. What a friend none other than… Adolf Hitler!

The day his mother, an activist and member of the resistance movement, hides a young Jewish girl in their attic, Jojo will realize that he was on the wrong track from the start.

Her world vision will be changed forever, for the better.

In terms of notable female roles in this film, we note the presence of Scarlett Johansson in mother courage and that of Rebel Wilsonon the side of “the bad guys”.

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