The best Metaverse projects of 2022

Metaverse … is a word almost everyone knows now. This year, this period is on everyone’s lips, because it seems to be the future, the future. All the tech giants are thinking about it, others have already started it. If this continues, 2022 will be the year that will mark the revolution of the metaverse and NFTs. Let’s find out together which are the most popular projects in the Metaverse this year.

The souls of nature

If you want to know the most technological and most prominent project in the Metaverse world, but also the NFTs, discover Souls of Nature. From the beginning, it’s a game, but one that puts the player at the center of environmental protection. The principle is simple. You must obtain an NFT among the 9271 intended for the collection of the game. Thus, you will explore the Metaverse Souls of Nature, which also allows you to contribute to the protection of the environment in the real world. The game designer will donate part of the money from your purchase to associations that fight against the disappearance of rare animal species. This Metaverse also gives you the opportunity to earn while playing. that the pole related to this game will be launched around December this year. As for its release, it will be planned for 2023, but the project is already underway.

Decentralized country

Decentraland is one of the earliest known metaverses. It was created in 2019 and until now it is among the most popular and leading in the crypto metaverse. As the name suggests, it is at the heart of real estate projects. In Decentraland you can buy virtual plots of land in the form of NFTs, the acquisition will be done through native tokens. The project is hosted by the Ethereum blockchain. Keep in mind that Ethereum is one of the most important cryptocurrencies known to date. Ether crypto can be traded through various platforms that offer users of all experience levels an impressive set of trading tools. A perfect example is the platform Immediate edge which offers copy trading, technical analysis, charts, mobile trading, alerts, trading robots and algorithms. A recipe for success for any trader.

After acquiring plots, you can carry out real estate projects on them. It is up to you to decide what you want to do. For example, you can invest in real estate.

The sandbox

Sandkassen is Decentraland’s closest competing project. The principle is almost the same. For a few months already, The Sandbox has become among the most popular Metaverse projects. In the form of NFT, the land or “lands” can be acquired and then resold according to what the investor wants. In this Metaverse, there are almost 166,464 plots ready for players to buy. Your plots can be used once you have acquired them. You can build anything or do anything at all. You can even rent out your buildings to generate passive income if you are interested. If you know the game Minecraft, know that it is somewhat the same concept. The sandbox has many partnerships, big companies like Gucci.


Winkyverse is a Metaverse project that was created with the aim of learning programming, AI or robotics topics in a fun way. This is a very young French project, but one that may have long-term potential. The developers and engineers working there are all polytechnic graduates, all geniuses in the field. During their last fundraising, Winkyverse was able to raise 10 million euros in just 24 hours. Winkyverse is the project that has been able to raise the most funds in the entire history of the French crypto project.

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