“She-Hulk: Lawyer”: what is the latest creature from Marvel Studios worth?

DIn the Hulk family, today Marvel introduces us to the cousin, Jennifer Walters. This New York lawyer dreams of a prosperous career, but fate decides otherwise. After a traffic accident in the company of her green giant cousin, the young lady also finds herself endowed with the power to transform into an ultra-powerful giantess with monumental wrath. It is on this plot that begins She-Hulk: Lawyer, available on Disney+. A fairly successful series, which has the advantage of breathing a breath of fresh air on the MCU.

Let it be said, Marvel has resources. And continues to skillfully dig into his catalog to find secondary characters with great potential. This time they set their sights on She-Hulk, the female counterpart to the green monster, created in 1980 in response to the success of the vintage series The Incredible Hulk launched in 1977 by CBS. Less tortured than Black Widow, less stern than Captain Marvel, more mature than Miss Marvel and less crazy than Wanda Maximoff, She-Hulk offers a lighter version, ultimately almost more modern, of the MCU superheroines.

Besides, if our lawyer finds herself green-skinned one day, it will be by chance, and it must be admitted, this superpower does not interest her at all, indeed, embarrasses her, the one who dreams of becoming the star of the court, as she continues to to look for love on Tinder.

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This is one of the biggest differences in this new production stamped Disney. IN She-Hulk: Lawyer, superheroes take themselves less seriously and have put aside their metaphysical doubts. A brilliant strategy which thus makes it possible to offer an exuberant series which, by gently moving away from the clichés of the genre, seeks a wider audience. Better, the first four episodes that we could see are not built around the young lady’s prowess, but around the legal cases defended by her cabinet. A kind of Ally McBeal more green and less (tailored) anthracite.

Without hitting the (fourth) wall

The other good idea of ​​this series lies in the choice to give the whole a resolutely lighter tone by moving (slightly) away from Marvel humor, a bit fireman. And we feel that the writers had (semi) carte blanche to let their imagination run wild. In addition to the many secondary characters that are particularly spoiled in terms of comedy, the scenario allows itself some innovative liberties within the MCU, such as borrowing from the original comics the concept of the fourth wall, which allows the heroine to speak directly to the viewers : winks, knowing glances and good lines follow each other sparingly and sometimes go beyond the classical framework, especially when Jennifer Walters (played by the excellent Tatiana Maslany, discovered in the series) Orphan Black) takes the liberty of emphasizing the importance of the stars invited to “his series”.

Because no, historical Marvel fans have not been forgotten. And some characters from the MCU are coming to give theirs in Jennifer’s life. Obviously starting with the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) – one would imagine – but also Wong (Benedict Wong seen in Doctor Strange) or even The Abomination (worn by the formidable Tim Roth). A way to remember that as different as she is, our new heroine fits perfectly into the growing galaxy of the Marvel Studios house. Everything is sprinkled with some nice fighting moments as you slide, but without overdoing prominent muscles, which will spice up the adventures of our green lady with fury.

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In “green” and against machismo

But by choosing to bring this character back to life, Disney has put its finger in a complex gear. At the time of its creation, feminist leagues had pointed out that She-Hulk was “only” the female counterpart to a Superman, pointing out that her morphology was willingly sexier than that of the Hulk. If the production has chosen to make her (Miss) Hulk a beautiful (green) plant, it has not worsened the curves and the outfits. Better, Jennifer Walters herself expresses her disagreement about the fact that she has to bear the barely feminized name of her cousin, complaining about the surrounding sexism at the center.

What remains are the special effects, which it seems have disappointed a handful of fans. If the transformations and fights remain impeccable, it is true that our Miss Hulk, less successful than her cousin, is definitely a little stiff and sometimes lacks finesse in movement… Would the public have been too spoiled to be so grumpy? Had he already forgotten the disastrous consequences of Flash, superhero series made in DC Comics? Does not matter… she sobbed has many other resources. And we ask for more.

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