Selling your PS4? We explain how to delete your data

Want to sell your PS4 or PS4 Pro? Clear data before putting it on Wallapop

At this point, you may have finally managed to buy a PlayStation 5. If so, you may also have realized that it is not a bad idea to sell your generation console earlier. After all, the PlayStation 5 is fully backwards compatible, so you’ll be able to play any PS4 title you have without a problem.

If you’ve been thinking about taking your old console to a thrift store or if you want to put it on platforms like Wallapop, it’s really important to delete all your data from it. There are many cases of people who buy a console and when they receive it at home, they find that they have access to all the data of the previous owner.

What important data can a PlayStation 4 have?

Here is the data that a PS4 can have inside:

  • Save data: we refer here to the information we generate in our video games. This is generally not sensitive information, but it is convenient to remove it from our machine before putting it up for sale.
  • Sessions: any service that requires a username and password. For example, if you play Fortnite, it is normal for you to automatically access the video game. If you do not delete this session from your account, the next owner will gain access to your account. The same goes for any other game on that system or even your PlayStation Network account.
  • Integrations: PlayStation also allows users to connect certain accounts to certain social networks. Imagine someone gaining access to your Twitter, Discord or any other platform just because they bought you a PS4.
  • Payment data: closely related to the previous case. If we put a credit card on one of our accounts, someone can make a payment without our permission. It can be really dangerous, and more than enough reason to clean up the PlayStation before you put it up for sale. If your PlayStation Network account is connected to the console, anyone who has access to it can make purchases, impersonate us and even carry out some kind of criminal practice, so our account can be banned from Sony’s servers.

How do you hard reset a PS4?

initialize ps4.jpg

In the previous block, we already told you about the dangers of selling a console with our personal information. Currently, selling or giving away a console is like doing the same with a personal computer or a mobile phone.

On computers, we generally do a formatting before we put the machine up for sale. There are people who even replace the hard drive with a new one to prevent malicious persons from accessing sensitive information. However, video game consoles usually have a system similar to what we see in cell phones. The PlayStation 4 has a tool that allows you to erase all the information on it. This way the next owner of the device can take it out of the box, turn it on and set it up as if it were a brand new machine.

In the case of the PS4, what we must do is go to the Settings menu of our console, to the “Initialization” entry and find the “Initialize PS4” section, which will be the one that will allow us to perform this formatting operation.

Once inside this option, we can choose between two types of initialization:

Fast initialization

hacked ps4 versions

This will allow us to delete our data and restore the console to a factory state. But beware, this process does not erase the data completely.

If you have any computer knowledge, we’ll just tell you that this type of setup works exactly the same as a quick format. The controller will ignore the information written to the disk and only new data will be considered.

In most cases, this type of formatting will be enough if we want to leave our console to someone we know. A family member, a lifelong friend, to whom we will leave the console for a good price… but this is not the ideal method if you have to leave your console in the hands of a complete stranger. The downside to this process is that with the right tools, information we think we’ve deleted can be recovered. If your PlayStation 4 is for sale and its next owner is not someone you trust, we recommend that you use the second method that we will explain to you.

Complete initialization

This process is much slower. In fact, it can be completed in several hours. However, it is completely safe as it erases every byte of information from the PS4 hard drive, ensuring that no information can be recovered. By doing so, even with specialized tools, they will not be able to extract any kind of important data from the console.

This process cannot be reversed, so before we do it, we need to make sure that there is nothing left on the console that we want to save (like screenshots or browser bookmarks) and that information such as saved games is synced correctly. with the cloud

Once our PS4 is fully initialized, we can resell it without fear. If you want to do the second method and think the slow process might get you down, do these steps at night and move your PS4 away from where you sleep – so the fan noise doesn’t bother you. .

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