Lizzie gets hit by a car! Thursday, August 18 Episode 1254 Summary (Spoilers)

Wednesday 17 August at tomorrow belongs to us (available on Salto), where the character of Cédric, embodied by Julien Cheminade, has just disappeared… After his attack on the Pailloten, Charlie will file a complaint accompanied by Sylvain. The young woman thought she was going to die. Aurore remembers the incident and realizes that Charlie was on the phone at the time of the attack. The robber’s voice can be included in the recording. Damien analyzed the message from Charlie’s cell phone and discovered that the robber was traveling on a motorcycle. The day promises to be a long one to find its owner.

Charlie puts the investigators on a new trail

Meanwhile, Martin is furious that Nordine intervened without thinking and gives him a hard time. Georges, Martin, Nordine and Aurore are obsessed with investigating the robber. Sara found a model that was stolen. Aurora accompanies her. Fearing Charlie’s condition, François came to help her at La Paillote and decided to close with her for a while. The young woman plays hardball, but François knows she was hit by this attack. The professor then discovers that he is known at the police station for his sexual “exploits”…

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Nathan is unmasked and banished from stud

Paul realizes that Nathan has no experience with horses. Convinced that Benjamin dumped him, Nathan admits that he lied on his resume. He pleads with Paul, but the latter does not give him a second chance for the safety of the stud. Nathan tells Benjamin that he was fired and accuses him of being responsible for it. Nathan asks for his help in sealing a rider. The doctor shows him how to do it, but Nathan is completely lost.

Maud kisses Gaspard

Juliette is still as nervous. Gaspard pleads his case again: he wants to confront his father and nothing will deter him. After reaching out, she ends up telling him that she will think things over. Gaspard hopes that his mother will change her mind and talk to Jack about it. When they are ready to swim, he gets a message from Maud. Gaspard hesitates to move forward with her. Jack encourages her. Maud and Gaspard spend a complicit moment at the docks. This is Maud’s opportunity to let go of Emma and Camille. She dares to tell Gaspard that she likes him. Gaspard tells her that he is only here for the holidays and that he is afraid of hurting her. Maud kisses him in surprise on the cheek, then they exchange a kiss.

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Later, Juliette tells him that despite his arguments, she refuses to let him go to her father. Gaspard is furious and the tone rises. Gaspard tells her he hates her and leaves the apartment. Gaspard finds Maud at Skeen after her violent argument with her mother. He tells her that he cannot start a story with her and that he intends to leave Sète before the end of the summer. It looks very dry. Maud is very disappointed and leaves the cafe, very unhappy.

Benjamin takes Nathan under his wing

Paul is looking for Nathan. There was a problem with the horse he sealed. Paul confirms that he cannot keep it. Benjamin comes to his defense. Paul admits that Nathan reminds him of him at the same age. Benjamin manages to convince him to think. Paul decides to keep Nathan. The young man can thank Benjamin for supporting him. Always modest, he promises to be employee of the month in a few weeks. It is Benjamin who will teach him the basics of the trade. Bad surprise for Nathan: the first lesson consists of riding a horse! Nathan doesn’t take it easy, and Paul and Benjamin can’t help but laugh.

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Lizzie gets hit by a car!

Manon joins Nordine near the police station for a break. With Nordine’s schedules, they never have time to see each other. He promises to talk to Sophie soon. The two lovers get closer when Sara surprises them. In the car, under surveillance, Nordine tells Sara her story with Manon and tells her that he wants to make things right. He makes her promise not to say anything to Aurore when the noise of a two-wheeler is heard. They are chasing the motorcycle, which matches the description. But during the chase, Nordine knocks Lizzie down!

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