FigureS- Legendary portraits, from myth to reality HYERES, public space (Place Daviddi), September 3, 2022, Hyères.

FigureS- Legendary portraits, from myth to reality Saturday 3 September at 20. HYERES, the public space (Place Daviddi)
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Cultural summer 2022

HYERES, public space (Place Daviddi) place Daviddi, 83400 HYERES Hyères 83400 Var Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Parking Saint-Louis, City bus. Public space. Central square in the sub-municipality of L’Ayguade, HYERES. Main living area surrounded by shops, on the beach.

As part of the Rouver Le monde – Cultural Summer 2022 system, this project aims to offer participatory creation, including the inhabitants of a territory (Hyères, L’Ayguade). The process of collective creation made it possible to join together local populations, promote a privileged relationship with the residential area and develop an intergenerational coexistence through the development of interdisciplinary amateur practices, the creation of close relationships with artists and the sharing of high-quality artistic work. By telling the chronicles of a territory through life trajectories, this project also leads to a reappropriation, of the inhabitants, of the history and singularity of their habitat, brought to light. It includes the inhabitants of the territory as well as numerous structures and associations, stakeholders in local life.

Performative work consisting of 4 performers (theatre / music / visual art) including 1 author, FigureS is a participatory and multidisciplinary cross-creation that explores how myth and reality are woven between a work of memory and fictionalization.

Composed as a chorus of voices, through which the narrative is carried by both emblematic characters from a territory (its great actors) and by its inhabitants in a broad sense (its narrators), FigureS tells how a collective history is built up through individual life trajectories. .

FigureS integrates into its unity a dimension of inclusive and participatory co-creation with the inhabitants of the territory in two phases:

• The inhabitants are the subject of the creation project:
> To hear the life stories of the inhabitants of the area, including emblematic personalities from its history, collected by an author
> Photo portraits, sound and film recordings of the interviewed residents, produced by a visual artist.

• The inhabitants are actors in the creation project:
> Writing workshops: transformation of the real material collected into fictional characters.
> Theater practice workshops: basics of body/voice work. Creation and acquisition of grades.
> Professional/amateur meetings and photo/video collaboration with the local association of amateur photographers and videographers.

The results of the workshops will be partially integrated into the creation (production of writings, photos and videos, theater practice), including the direct participation of the inhabitants in the work through co-constructed amateur practice.

1 visual artist (young artist – ESADTPM)
1 theater artist
1 theater artist (narrator) – author
1 musician (only associated for part of the creation time)

Description of the transmission project:
Transmission and cultural action are articulated in a process of participatory creation.

The creation process:
1# – “Tell me about life” – Explore individual memory, between a memoir and fictionalization.
Determination of agreements, presentation of the project and its participation process.
Hearings of around twenty residents at home or in connection with a public place:
– Emblematic personalities from the territory (the biggest “actors” in the history of the residential area)
– Inhabitants of the territory (the narrators). Intergenerational sample aimed at traversing different levels of stories to compose a work of open memory.
Open consultations based on questionnaires, conducted by an author.

2#- Sound, photo and film recordings
Realization of sound/photo/film recordings of the residents-witnesses in phase 1#, by a visual artist.

3# – Encounter between flagship sites and exploration of collective memory
Make an appointment with the municipality’s and sub-municipality’s cultural service. Transmission of official history and key sites in the residential area. Documentary research.

4#- Writing workshops and stage writing
– Open writing workshops with residents. Transformation of the real material collected into fictional characters.
– Board writing. Appropriation of individual and collective narratives from performance work. Creation of a personal gallery.

5#- Interdisciplinary performance work
From and as and when collected materials.

6#- Professional involvement in amateur practice: professional/amateur crossings and co-creation.
Meeting and work with the local association that brings together amateur photographers: association of amateur practice and coordinated work (photo / video) on the theme of FigureS.

7#- Professional involvement in amateur practice: professional/amateur crossings – theatrical practice workshops.
The work of intergenerational theatrical practice workshops open to the inhabitants to carry the scenic word of the characters in the creation.

8# – Creation: figures, installation and interdisciplinary performance
Multidisciplinary performative creation (theater / music / visual arts) with the inclusion of amateur practice: writing / theater / visual arts.
Saturday, September 3.
Public space, Place Daviddi, L’Ayguade – Hyères.

Recipients: All public.
The town hall of Hyères (sub-municipality of L’Ayguade) is heavily involved in ensuring communication between artists and residents, as well as various associated associations and local structures.

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