Car rental: are you really well covered in the event of an accident?

Drivers often fear having an accident with a car they don’t own (Photo credit: © Paolese –

For more or less long periods, it is possible to rent a car during your holiday or during a business trip. But what are the financial consequences of an accident?

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For a day, a week or a month: renting a vehicle offers great flexibility. From the small passenger car to the moving van, there is something for every taste and every need. But drivers often fear having an accident with a car they don’t own. A collision or a theft can actually be particularly expensive. How are you actually covered when you rent a vehicle?

Car insurance is always included in a car rental

Legally, all vehicles rented in France must be insured by the rental company. Car insurance is a statutory obligation to cover material damage and damage to others. On the driver’s and passengers’ side, there is also often a liability guarantee to protect them in the event of personal injury.

If it’s easy to take out insurance with a professional renter, what about an individual? Platforms that specialize in car rental between individuals also offer specific contracts for short-term rentals. As for going directly between individuals, the obligation is the same for the owner of the vehicle: he must be insured for the use of his car for commercial purposes and the contract must allow driving by a third party who is not a member of the family.

Beware of fine lines in insurance contracts

0 km assistance, buyback of franchise, better protection of driver and passengers… many options can be added to the basic base. These are charged extra and can quickly run up the bill. However, they should not be neglected. The basic deductible, without deductible buyback, can be particularly high.

Abroad, these additional guarantees are stated in English under several acronyms. First CDW for Collision Damage Waiver, which is equivalent to excess redemption, TP for Theft Protection, which limits the driver’s liability in the event of an accident or theft, and PAI for Personal Accident Insurance, which covers bodily injury to the driver and his passengers.

How much does rental car insurance cost?

The budget to be set aside for the insurance of a rental car can vary greatly depending on the type of vehicle chosen and the guarantees taken out. The more exclusive and expensive the vehicle, the higher the premium to be paid. Options such as excess redemption or repair in the event of a breakdown must also be added to the standard warranty. According to the specialized site Serenitrip, it takes between 15 and 30 euros per person. rental day from a rental company to be properly insured in case of an accident or theft.

In addition to the contracts from car rental companies, other players specialize in short-term car insurance contracts. Serenitrip, for its part, offers coverage from 5 euros per day to be adjusted according to the type of vehicle, its use and the warranties taken out, all “without bad surprises”. Another option: Ask for a quote from your own insurance company. An option which, however, is limited to car hire for the year.

In addition to these dedicated contracts, it is very possible to take advantage of the coverage offered by certain advanced bank cards. Visa Premier, Mastercard Gold, American Express… several premium credit cards allow you to take advantage of excess redemption when renting a vehicle.

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