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Today we say goodbye to the historic Winamax poker software and welcome the arrival of a brand new version. Welcome to NEXT!

“Air” was its nickname internally, from the name of the technology developed by Adobe and on which it relied. Air: it was the first poker software developed entirely in-house by the Winamax teams. Launched in the summer of 2010, Air followed Wina’s first step into the newly regulated “point FR” poker market. Available both on your web browsers and in a downloadable version, it has welcomed all the developments – sometimes revolutions – that have marked the history of the platform. They were many. The Winamax Series, the venue’s first series of seasonal tournaments. The Expresso whirlwind that quickly spread across the poker world. Go Fast, tournaments with sound like La Fièvre or Le Totem, appear in BB, Bingo, Short Track. A long series of innovations such as the arm… but which it is time to put an end to. Yes: after 12 years of good and loyal service, Winamax’s historic poker software has had its day. With the announcement from Adobe about the abandonment of technical support and updates for their Air technology, Winamax’s Air software will also take a well-deserved retirement.

As of today, Wednesday, August 17, 2022, Winamax Air is officially disabled. It makes room for a completely new, completely beautiful sequel. It is also completely designed and developed in-house by our teams on Mac, Windows and Linux. Her name ? NEXT.

The lobby

Switch Air to switch eras: with NEXT, the future of poker on Winamax is now! HD “gaming” graphics, a thoroughly redesigned website, new functions and tools… NEXT is, both in substance and form, a leap forward. The integration of Winamax TV and sports betting allows you to monitor your live bets and see the latest Top of the Pok where live meets without losing sight of your poker tables. Our tracking the house will help you profile your opponents on the go, right in the middle of the game. Playground’s system will rearrange your tables with a single click (but it also only takes one click to turn it off). And Mystery KO, the first poker format entirely designed at NEXT, will add spice and excitement to your MTTs, starting with the next edition of the Winamax series.

NEXT: a revolution… but one that won’t disrupt your habits. Well, not too much! Our new software is designed to be as easy to use as possible. You should find your bearings very quickly, but if anything ever gets stuck, let the help section guide you:

New software: user manual

For many of you, entering the NEXT era is not exactly a surprise… As of September 2021, it was offered to you in “beta test” format. During the eleven months that followed, your remarks and criticisms – as many as they were noticeable: thank you! – allowed us to improve it bit by bit and make it grow. Today, we think he’s ready to fly solo without Air by his side. But more than ever, it is thanks to you that NEXT will continue to develop in the right direction, thanks to your comments on our social networks, on Discord, Club Poker, in the Winamax TV chat or via email to support . We promise you: NEXT is just the beginning. Try it today… and get ready to see tons of new features coming in the coming months.

Install the new Winamax software


If you were still using the old version of our software (Air) before today, no action is required on your part to upgrade to the new version. The next time you log in, you immediately switch to NEXT without any problems.

If Winamax is not currently installed on our computer, please go to this page:

Install the new Winamax software

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