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This Friday, Professor of Literature and Media at the University of Paris 8 Yves Cittonthe geographer Sylvie Brunelthe journalist Brice Couturieras well as the designer Xavier Gorce back to the week’s news.

Our guest Alain Cirou will join them during the broadcast. Editor-in-chief of the magazine “Ciel et Espace”, devoted to astronomy, he is passionate about the night sky and what he affectionately calls our “cosmic heritage”. In 1991 he initiated the first edition of the Nuit des étoiles, a meeting between astronomy societies and the public. It has taken place since every summer to give us the opportunity to “discover the other side of the earth, which is the sky”, an ambition assumed by the writer Alain Cirou to guide our eyes towards the spectacle of the stars.

Back to the week’s two news:

Taiwan. On Tuesday, August 2, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives traveled to Taiwan and defied the Chinese government, which threatened to take “strong and resolute” measures. As a result, Beijing launched an immediate response with economic sanctions and violent military maneuvers near the island’s shores. This aggressive reaction was condemned by the head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell, who believes that there was “no justification” to use Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei “as a pretext”. This measured reaction by the representative of the Union can be explained by the dramatic consequences that an escalation could have on the world balance and on a Europe already weakened by the conflict in Ukraine. How will the European Union deal with the Chinese military deployment around Taiwan?

Immigration. He had promised a “fast-track” immigration law. This Wednesday, August 3, Gérald Darmanin was forced to go back on this promise. Among other things, the Minister of the Interior wanted to create a “double punishment” including sanctions and deportation for “criminal aliens”. In accordance with Matignon’s request, this bill, whose consideration was to begin in the Senate in October, has been postponed and replaced by a “major parliamentary debate”. With this decision, Elisabeth Borne puts her authority in front of a heavyweight in her government who does not have the dreamed-of parliamentary majority. Do we really need a new text on the subject?

In his duel of the week, says Frederik pits Queen Elizabeth II against Indigenous activist and senator Lidia Thorpe, who called her a “colonist” when she took her oath of office in the Australian Senate before being asked to repeat it correctly.

After five months spent in Fleury-Mérogis, the Court of Appeal in Paris on Thursday 4 August approved Patrick Balkany’s release from prison the following day. Anna N’Diaye reports to us the words of netizens, starting with his wife, who wanted to celebrate this newfound freedom in their own way.

In his story of the week, Alix Van Pee tells us about internet users’ adoration of the “Lady of Instagram”, Léna Situations, who has just opened her concept store “Hôtel Mahfouf” in Paris. Back to the sixth season of her “August vlogs,” which exposed her to the general public, she confides in the violent cyberbullying of which she is regularly the target.

Our international front page is that of the Turkish pro-government daily “Daily Sabah” on Tuesday, August 2, which has the headline: “A first grain ship leaves the Ukrainian port within the framework of the Istanbul agreement”.

Finally, find this week’s pictures carefully selected by our clubbers and “Derive of the Continents” of Benoit Forgeard.

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