Lego displayed in unoccupied windows in the Espace d’Erlon shopping center

The ChampArd’N Bricks association exhibits several Lego sets in the Espace d’Erlon shopping center in Reims (Marne). Since February, a curious crowd has come to admire the works… not forgetting to visit the adjacent shops.

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Espace d’Erlon shopping center can count on two flagships: Fnac and Monoprix. With such signs, a minimum attendance is ensured.

But the gallery management wanted to do better and during the month of February 2022 offered a partnership to ChampArd’N Bricks. This is the regional association of Lego, which brings together Afol (so-called Adult fans of Lego) and organizes exhibitions regularly, for example a weekend in May in Reims (Marne).

The association has therefore installed its Lego in two display cases, one large and the other slightly smaller. They belong to a temporarily closed store located in the very strategic location next to the escalator going down to Fnac (see the location on the map below).

To find out more, France 3 Champagne-Ardenne contacted Yannick, the association’s founding president. In the preamble it says “to speak for the association’s people. It is essential to share this project with others, not to remain alone in one’s corner.” It’s not about his exposure, but about the members’. He looks forward “that the association’s people can exhibit” in these windows.

These exhibitions change approximately every six weeks, “to avoid it becoming too repetitive” : indignant Star warswhich has been Doctor Whothem ninjago, or even the 80s and 90s. The youngest exhibitor is 17 years old. At the start of the school year (usually 3 September) new set (hills or dioramas) will be arranged. The current theme is Star Wars (there is a giant forest of the moon Endor and spaceships).

“It won’t last forever, because I think Espace d’Erlon is still keen to be able to re-let this store in the future. But at the moment they are very nice to let us exhibit there. We first had the big window in shop, the small one followed very quickly, and we therefore have its entire glazed surface.”

Not all malls do this.

Yannick, founding president of the ChampArd’N Bricks association

“It is an exchange of good practice because it brings them a lot of people, since people come, stop in front of the window, talk about it… We have this loan from such a well-known place, all the centers dealers have ‘t. “

“Every time we change windows, I make a new post [publication; ndlr] on our Facebook page.” Enough for the public to return with regularity… The shopping center also puts the package on communication: on its website, but also via a large display above the main entrance, visible from a good part of the place d’Erlon (see Facebook post below).

Note that Yannick does not “never publish all the pictures”, No no. You have to keep some of the surprise and make yourself want to go there. In addition, there is a small Easter eggs (literally Easter egg, English term denoting a small hidden reference) in the present large window. Thus Gollum (an important figure in Lord of the Rings) is hiding in a small cave. Good luck finding it.

Lego appeals to everyone, regardless of age. Even adults may want to look at Lego… or play it (this is also the case with Playmobil). It is intergenerational, and specialty shops are multiplying: adults are becoming an almost juicier commercial target than children.

The next inevitable event for members of the association will be the traditional Game’in Reims, on November 19 and 20, 2022. “A two meter Ninjago diorama will be present, also from Star Wars… Even a scene, with sound and light, from a Johnny Hallyday concert. As well as a Playstation with the first Lego video game.” And not only that: in addition to the exhibitions, the association Bricks 4 Kidz will also be present to offer “interactive” certain sets, by providing the bricks and assembly instructions. Comprehensive program.

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