“France in fire and blood, we live in a wonderful era”! » The economic and political letter from PACA

“No amalgam, everything is fine”!

The sentence could have been given by Emmanuel Macron! Just 100 days after his re-election, the president of the great sham, over-indebted France, downgraded, dissolute, decadent and wild, deplorably sinks into his darkest days. The Power still don’t want to see it, hear it or admit it, as confirmed by the chaotic episode at the Stade de France. The scum has fully understood the collapse of authority as well as all the political and legal weakness behind the uniform of our saturated, attacked, bypassed, overwhelmed internal security forces. She managed to turn the “feeling of uncertainty”, a slogan of denial of reality, into real everyday uncertainty. The recent carefully quantified data from INSEE reveals to us that the Great Reparation is no longer a far-right fantasy. It will soon, at the pace imposed by the executive branch, constitute a fait accompli. The executive power navigates politically on a fragile balance point, which is in reality a compromise. It distributes grants to buy civil peace. He renounces firmness in the neighborhoods that are conquered by radicalized Muslims in order to avoid a general fire in the country, i.e. civil war. He fears more than all people a popular revolution and an overthrow of the regime to the point of increasing the number of armored vehicles in the Republican Guard.

Its geopolitical record is disastrous. It affects our purchasing power. It highlights our dependency and the weakening of our economy. The French state has become the symbol of public impotence, internally and externally, with the long weakening of our society and our armies, unable to withstand the rigors of a high-intensity conflict.

The regional daily press is an almost infallible thermometer:

“It is full of shocking stories about everyday violence. They were once in the suburbs, all of France is now in the same boat. » Editorial by Jérôme Béglé, editor-in-chief of JDD, on uncertainty in France.

A look back at the events of the last 8 days in France:

New drama surrounding an urban rodeo: A 19-year-old kills himself on a motorcycle in Marseille
In a chronicle, the sociologist Mathieu Bock-Côté urges the attack against the author Salman Rushdie and condemns those who do not want to wage a “war against Islamism”

Bordeaux: threatened by firearms, garbage collectors leave a district, garbage piles up
Normandy: a policeman confiscates a minor’s motorcycle, his father attacks him
Montauban: two people arrested after a wild rodeo
Lyon: a teenager falls from the 3rd floor of a building, two illegal immigrants arrested
Val-de-Marne: the manager of a bar-tobacco suffocated and victim of a grab in Bonneuil-sur-Marne (video)
A Moldovan tourist assaulted by two Moroccan minors and an Algerian for his Rolex in the Paris metro
25 people arrested this summer in investigations into the fires in France
Paris: a luxury store attacked with a ram truck, the thief rescued from the Seine by the police
In France, there is a rejection every 30 minutes
“The territory was theirs”: a Marseillaise upset by wild rodeos condemns the state for inaction
He spits on passers-by and tries to assault them: a religious procession interrupted in Saint-Raphaël
“Incivility wins our countryside”: an organ stolen from a Norman church
“They shot everywhere”: a young man shot and wounded in a shooting in Nantes
“We defend the rule of law”: Manuel Bompard against the expulsion of Imam Iquioussen
Seine-et-Marne: a policeman committed suicide at the post in Savigny-le-Temple
Toulouse: a minor who was driving without insurance or a license was arrested after a city rodeo
“I get insulted all day”: testimony of a breathless policeman
“It didn’t take anything to explode”: In Nangis, the repeated attacks from the estates annoy
“They massacred him”: in Toulouse, warning cries from the daughter-in-law of a septuagenarian beaten in the subway
Charente-Maritime: a 17-year-old minor arrested by the police after a wild rodeo
At the Franco-Italian border, migration tensions at their strongest
Colmar: a local resident shot and wounded by the author of a wild rodeo
“They’re going to kill me like Adama”: After refusing to comply, a person beats the police in Paris
Seine-Saint-Denis: BAC police arrested on flagrant suspicion of the burglars of a parliamentary assistant… of an MEP LFI
Paris: firefighters attacked during an intervention in a home for young foreign residents
Poitiers: city center targeted by tags, damage to Saint-Pierre cathedral
Seine-et-Marne: burglars rush the police, forced to open fire
Paris: a woman raped, a VTC driver arrested
Man beheaded near Lyon, his son allegedly shouted “Allah Akbar”
Chalon-sur-Saône: The driver refuses to stop and intentionally knocks over four police officers
Burglary in Pantin in Seine-Saint-Denis: not worried, a suspect provokes the laxity of justice
“I will cut you all”: armed with a knife, an Iraqi threatens customers in a bar in Grenoble
In the Channel, seven churches were forced to close their doors after thefts and damage
Bordeaux: three armed men rob the presbytery of a church in the middle of a ceremony
Toulouse: she calls for help and then beats the police
Val de Marne: suspected thieves of catalytic converters end up in hospital after a chase with the police
Seine-Saint-Denis: police officers attacked in Sevran, two injured
Paris: a 25-year-old woman raped by a man of “African type”.
Périgueux: a policeman is almost hit by a scooter which was involved in a city rodeo
Nuisance, wild markets, unhealthiness… A district in Lyon “takes the direction of Guillotière”
Limoges: an Algerian clandestine and repeat offender, targeted by an OQTF, arrested for theft and released
Saint-Denis: a violent fight between Egyptians and Algerians
Paris: the police arrest a gang of petty burglars who operated in the great west of Paris
Cannes: a man injured with a knife while trying to protect an elderly person
Grenoble: the municipal opposition will file a complaint against Eric Piolle and his burkini in the swimming pools
Paris: a transgender woman kills another with a knife in Pigalle
Roissy: Police kill a man armed with a knife
“All pd and dykes”: a marked church in Rouen
Hauts-de-Seine: suspected of having committed two rapes in a hospital, a person wanted by the police
Paris: a Somali murder suspect arrested after a fight at the Porte de la Chapelle
Prisons: guards sound the alarm about violence between prisoners
Saint-Etienne: a young woman who was beaten by someone who thought her skirt was too short
Refusal to comply: Driver injures three police officers who open fire in Toulouse
Sevran: three police officers injured in a new ambush in the town of Beaudottes
Gironde: a new wild rodeo claims two victims, a teenager in absolute emergency
A passer-by stopped a man armed with a gun on the Place de la Concorde in Paris
Thefts, fights, assaults…: the population faces a hell in Seine-Saint-Denis
Paris: An American tourist raped in a toilet, an Algerian suspect arrested
Essonne: naked, a secret person known for sexual assault enters a woman who was about to take a shower
Throwing stones, mortar fire: police attacked in an ambush in Sevran in Seine-Saint-Denis
“Violence continues to spread in Nice”: A young man found dead in the Moulins district
Mutiny and rioting at the Mesnil-Amelot administrative detention center in Seine-et-Marne
Police attack at Guillotière in Lyon: a third suspect and illegal Algerian arrested
Fires: in Les Mureaux, the police identify a 10-year-old arsonist
Police abused in Limoges: two brothers arrested
Paris: a luxury store attacked with a ram truck, the thief rescued from the Seine by the police

A member of the majority proposes giving the right to vote to foreigners in municipal elections.
The Chiefs of Staff worried about the capacity of the French Army in the event of a “high intensity” war
French electricity production collapsed in the first half of 2022
Shanghai 2022 ranking: French universities fall again
Inflation reached 6.1% in July in France, a record since 1985
“We must not lie to each other, it will be hard”: The government is preparing for a very complicated winter for the French.

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