Car, paddle, swimming pools… To save money, they rent out between individuals

Exit the era of “everything can be bought”! From now on, everything is rented! With inflation at 6.1%, investment rhymes with thinking. So if you don’t own, why not rent?

While exchange platforms between individuals have been developing for several years, they are experiencing a true boom with the decline in purchasing power. This is proven by Swimmy, which since 2017 has allowed pool owners to rent them to anyone who wants to take a dip in them.

This season promises to be a record for the company: “After 16,000 reservations last year, this year we hope to triple this number and reach at least 30,000.“It is thus possible to enjoy a sublime pool in Fayence from 14:00 to 18:00 for 19 e. Enough to spend the summer a little cooler.

Do you want something green? Go to jardins-privé where Gwen rents her land of almost 6 hectares in Pierrefeu for 25 ei an hour.

Raclette or paddle: choose your side!

You just need a raclette machine – we don’t judge you, it’s winter in the southern hemisphere – sites like Allovoisins or Kiwiiz show the offers. At La Gaude, Christine offers to rent her property for 10 e per day. Potatoes are not included. In the same spirit: waffle maker, stone grill and grill are also available in abundance. To eliminate all that, take a look at Kyango, which specializes in sports equipment rentals. Do you prefer Pierre’s paddle in Sanary at 30 e a day or the row of bicycles for Nicolas’ family in Carqueiranne at 10.80 am?

LeBonCoin: almost two million ads between A.-M. and Var

Do you want to rent out your belongings but don’t know where to store them? There is always the option of renting space from someone with Jestocke.

In the Carabacel district of Nice, you can store your belongings in the 11m3 that Pascal has made available for 65e per month. Not to mention the famous LeBonCoin, where you can find everything: from bouncy castles for children in Saint-Martin-du-Var to bohemian wedding dresses at Le Broc and giant Minnie and Mickey mascots in Antibes. With almost 890,000 ads in the Alpes-Maritimes alone and more than 970,000 in the Var, you have almost 2 million choices!

Anthony in Nice: “my car is full all summer”

It all starts with an idea to save. “I had chosen not to go through a car rental company to pay less “, says Anthony, who three years after being a customer of Ouicar decided to take the plunge.

Since April, this Niçois has made his Volkswagen Polo available to users. And he doesn’t hide it: it’s a hit. It’s simple, it’s taken all summer. “I am lucky to live five minutes’ walk from Thiers station. I don’t need to drive it every day.

It is used by visitors to the Côte d’Azur and other nature lovers.

“150 to 200 euros in my pocket”

Everything goes through the application, which is well done. Then we agree to choose a place.“Pretty nice, Anthony is the welcoming type:”I go to Terminal 2 at the airport when people arrive by plane. Recently I did this with tourists traveling directly to Sainte-Maxime.

Is he worried about damage to his car with strangers? It is clear that he has not developed an all-consuming love for her. So knowing it’s in other hands is no cause for concern. “I am not very careful to describe its bodywork and bumpers. I just wish no bodily harm occurred“, says Anthony, who above all sees in this machine a means of getting around… now more profitably.

Depending on the number of kilometers per rent, I can sometimes have 150 to 200 euros in my pocket a week.

A good plan that already allows you to take out the insurance every month. And if he intends to slow down at the start of the school year, his plan is already in place: “Outside of the summer, pif I manage to get 100 and 150 euros every month, that’s perfect!

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