Can we rent a car with snow tires?

A winter weekend to relax, face the elements and wake up to the fireplace… A week’s holiday to breathe in the fresh mountain air, enjoy a good raclette and create lasting memories with family or friends. Do you dream about it? Renting a car is perfect for that. Especially since big sweaters and jumpsuits fill suitcases! All you have to do is find the vehicle equipped as it should be at the best price. Easy to say? No, easy to do! 🙂 After reading this article, you will know exactly why and how to rent a car with winter tires.

Why rent a car with snow or winter tires?

1. For your safety and that of others!

There is of course a real difference between winter tires and summer tires. Many technical characteristics affect the behavior of the vehicle, especially road grip. There is also a difference between winter tires and winter tires.

They are often confused, but they snow tires (“M+S”, Mud + Snow) is designed for use in cold weather. Be careful, they do not guarantee optimal grip in all circumstances. That Winter tires on the other hand, stamped “3PMSF” and marked with a snowflake in a mountain, is approved for extreme ice and snow conditions. They are the only ones that have an efficiency equivalent to chains and socks.

2. Because in some regions of France it is now the law

Since the end of 2021, it is mandatory to equip your vehicle with specific tires or chains or socks to drive between November 1 and March 31 in 48 departments affected by the mountain law. This is of course the case in most cities in the French mountain ranges, but also in less obvious departments such as Lozère or Gard for example. All vehicles with four wheels and more are affected (cars, utility vehicles, motorhomes, buses, heavy trucks), regardless of whether they are registered in France or in any country of the European Union. That Only snow tires will be tolerated until November 1, 2024. Then it will be necessary to add chains or socks or go to Winter tires.

This new regulation aims to increase the safety of motorists and prevent unequipped vehicles from finding themselves across the road. It is of course binding, but you will at least get to your destination faster!

Balance to leave serene

  • Check ahead of time official road safety website if your route includes one or more stretches of road where the Mountain law is in force.
  • If that is the case, make sure that winter tires are included in the rental offer or can be reserved as an extra at an acceptable price ; if so, don’t have removable devices in the trunk. Plan a good tutorial and some preliminary tests to know how to easily install them to avoid nervousness in the middle of a storm 😉
  • By the you are responsible and not a tenant. In the event of a violation, you will have to pay the €135 fine and potentially have the vehicle immobilized. We have seen better for the start of a holiday!

Attention : pIf you rent a car in a neighboring country where this equipment is not mandatory (e.g. in Belgium) and you plan to cross the French border into those areas, remember to bring chains or socks.

And in other countries? The law varies from country to country. To date no obligation for winter tires i Italy and in Spain (or even in Swissoutside the Eurozone) unless a road sign requires them to. IN Germany, the obligation is clear and distinct in certain climatic conditions. Find out more about the legislation before you travel.

rent a car with snow tires

How do you rent a car with snow tires?

To rent a car with equipment adapted to winter conditions, the rental company’s general rental conditions apply. You must have a minimum age and a certain number of years of driving license under your belt. If you’re under 25 or 26, you’ll probably have to pay one young driver allowance to be able to rent the vehicle. In addition to that, unlike other scenarios such as renting of a trailer with a car for example, it’s quite simple if you do it in advance!

1. With a classic rental company

From the winter of 2022-2023, there will be no more tolerance and that rental companies in the areas concerned will be legally obliged to make a vehicle equipped available to you. On the other hand, if you rent your car in Paris, for example, to go skiing in the Alps, there is no obligation. It will therefore be up to you to search, compare offers, check availability and find the most advantageous solution. So, how much does it cost to rent a car with snow tires, winter tires or removable anti-skid devices?

In Switzerland as in e.g. Eastern or Nordic countries, many car rental companies provide cars with winter tires at no additional cost. In France, it is still often necessary to avoid paying surcharges with the big rental companies select higher categories. This is, for example, the case with Hertz or with Avis. These landlords have a exclusive winter fleet of compact or 4×4 models equipped with 100% snow tires and accessories (chains, ski racks, roof racks, etc.). Their agencies are scattered in the Rhône Alpes region, in Paris and in the south-west.

Otherwise, prices vary greatly from one company to another and from one destination to another. The supply of winter tires is often very limited. At the time of writing this article was winter tire supplement on a classic city car can vary from €18 to €30/day. As for the option of chains or socks, it is sometimes offered on a daily rate basis (from €7 to €21) and sometimes on a rental package ranging from €60 to €90. Remember to factor this into your weekend or weekly budget.

A little trick? When the car is rented, you know the tire size. You can then, just before you hit the road, stop to buy a pair of snow socks (counting between €30 and €70).

2. Via a rental platform between individuals

On Yes, becauseYou can directly search for a vehicle with snow tiresand on Get around also with chains. No supplement will not be requested, this is an integral part of the rental. The same when you add an additional driverit is a free option on these platforms.

Just be careful, if you come from afar, not to get caught up in the mileage package. Calculate your route well. 1200 km is often included over 7 days and you can add a package before departure at a favorable price. A clean overhaul will cost you at least twice as much per kilometer.

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