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The youngest already love it: PokéClicker is a new online game that surfs the Pokémon wave. More is said in this article.

You couldn’t miss this new pokemon game ! After the global success of Pokémon GO (or simply the Nintendo franchise), here is a port that is entering the world familiar to fans. His name is Poke clicker and it is a clicker game available not in software but directly in the browser.

Completely free, this game comes as the new foal for fans of the creators of Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire, but above all as a video game made for the youngest. Children and teenagers (and the elderly) already love it and especially appreciate it access facility. Pokéclicker, what is it? How to play it? But also, how do you win playing Pokéclicker? We tell you everything in this article. Let’s go !

PokéClicker: How exactly is it like a game?

But what exactly is Pokéclicker? This new game pokemon franchise make the cover of magazines dedicated to video games, but why? What is so special?

In fact, Pokéclicker is the newest baby Pokémon game from Nintendo. Except… This game is not developed by Nintendo. Pokéclicker is a real hit, but it’s actually a fan creation.

The game is complete available and accessible to all. All you need is an internet connection. With good reason this new port a browser game. It is therefore available directly via Google Chrome, Mozilla and all their derivatives. So it’s inevitable that playing a Pokémon game that’s so easily accessible, without the need for a Switch console or anything else, naturally attracts people.

Currently Pokéclicker really buzz. It also has several thousand players worldwide. Despite the fact that the game isn’t not yet available in Frenchso this does not stop the youth of our country from playing it.

browser pokemon game

For good reasons, the game is anchored as a real Pokémon game like Pokémon Legends Arceus, but below pixel version and much more archaic (browser play required, no software required). It records Pokémon’s codes: train Pokémon, catch them and battle them. It is also possible to collect data in a pokedex. In short, it’s everything fans of the franchise love. Pokéclicker could only go with so many good points.

In this game, you can sail through the familiar regions of the franchise, from Kanto to Alola. The goal ? Catch lots of Pokémon just by clicking many times on your screen.

Note that the browser can do this for you, so it may not even be necessary obsessed over the click in this game.

No need for much effort in this Pokémon opus, but on the other hand, many more complex mechanics complete this aspect. It is these complexities (in-game currencies, shiny, fossils, etc.) that make many players sand this game in HOURS. So here, by following, are all our tips to win in Pokéclicker, but also to better understand the game.

How to access the Pokéclicker game? Here is the game link, directly accessible in your browser.

Small game tips: How to play Pokéclicker and win? (with videos)

We won’t give you a complete guide to the game, but we’ll still give you a few small ones game tips to get you started. Free, just like the Pokémon Unite game, this game is also very easy to play, you will quickly understand it. How to go ahead and get lots of good pokemons in Pokéclicker? Let’s go.

  • Click, click and click again. In fact, the goal of the game is to get Pokémon, beat them and catch them, but also to unlock different parts of the regions (and therefore it gets better, much stronger Pokemons are click. The more you click, the more you spam, the more you win. Some even use autoclickers to make winning in the game easier, and most importantly, faster.
  • Start the game with Shiny Pokemon, to go even faster and level up. For that, you need to choose your pokeballs well from the start of your ascent. To know that it is recommended for capturing a Shiny to use your fourth pokeball in stock, it is more effective than all the others. If you ever don’t encounter Shiny from the start, you should also know that there is a trick. According to our colleagues at, code “OOOSHINY”, allows you to spawn a random Shiny. The only problem with the trick is that you can find a good Pokémon that has already evolved as well as a normal Pokémon that sucks. To access the feature, go to the START menu and go to “SAVE” at the top of the page. This is where you can enter codes.

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  • Privilege map exploration. We know you want to beat them all and catch them all and eventually come across a good Pokémon early in the game. But you’ll have a better chance of finding good ones in the more advanced areas of the region you’re exploring. Therefore, it is better to focus on progress on the map and weigh rather than capture, at least initially.

Make a maximum of matches and advance. There are 7 different regions to explore, so that much tells you there is plenty to do and it’s better to avoid capturing from route 1.

  • Don’t neglect quests. There is no point in just clicking without moving on to another plane. Battles, captures and evolutions, yes. But, quests also allows you tofew goods very interesting to optimize your battles, catch more powerful Pokémon, but also to maximize the development and hatching of eggs.
  • Speaking ofcombat objects, also don’t forget to use some. Many of these items have a limited lifespan, so it would be a shame not to take advantage of them.
  • Kill as many wild Pokémon as possible to get own objects. These items are very useful and you can get them from a certain number of Pokemon kills. Some of the things will give you advantage to catch certain Pokémon according to the types, including Shiny Pokémon. In short, these objects are useful in the game, but also to validate quests.
  • Make good use of the weather in the game. wild weather has consequences on fights, catching, etc. As in all Pokémon games, it also affects development. Here is a guide to the weather that will be particularly useful for you: .htm

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