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New project from the parents of Olli Olli World, RollerDrome is at the crossroads of Jet Set Radio, Max Payne and Sable.

You are Kara Hassan, the new darling of a sport that has become a veritable institution: Rollerdrome, a competition where tricks are as important as well-aimed gunshots to the competitors’ heads. It’s 2030 and society, driven by an entity with disturbing intentions, is galvanized by the morbid spectacles. This interesting backdrop will remain skilfully discreet, here it is the sport that counts. And every time you climb the ladder of the championship and watch the final, it’s always the same chorus: at every start, your skates squeal on the floor as you take off; then that’s the beginning of a deadly performance under the rhythm of a frankly vibrant 80s synthwave atmosphere. The aesthetic is just as wacky with its Mœbius-like decor recently popularized by the game Sable. The animations are sometimes stiff and rob a bit of charm from Kara’s characters. But the overall energy remains alive.

Max Payne and Tony Hawk

The fishing of Jet Set Radio, the technique of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, the slow movements of Max Payne and the aesthetics of Sable: the mix offered in Rollerdrome is explosive, it can even cause concern before we dive into experience. Still, each ingredient is vital and makes up a formula that works brilliantly for well-balanced gameplay. : If death is the figurehead of Rollerdrome matches, the tricks are no less essential and the grinds follow each other, making the ride very enjoyable. Their handling is very fast and comfortable, every movement benefits from its dedicated guidance. Finally, the well-placed backswings give you some equally delicious flights.

Rollerdrome: The successful mix between Max Payne and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

The success of the tricks is mainly used to grab new ammo for your weapon selection, which expands with the levels, enough to give a good sense of progression. Duo of pistol, shotgun, grenade launcher, laser… their needs as their purposes are different and the whole has an exemplary complementarity to quite different enemy archetypes. Your deadly dance is assisted by repetitions, which you will quickly multiply and where you can perfect piercing shots. Their sequence is very satisfying, and the competition gradually becomes an elegant game of dodge, where life points are harvested from the remains of your opponents. Think of the experience more as a race to score and complete challenges rather than a competition of beautiful tricks and you’ll have a great time.

Rollerdrome Champion

As you progress through the great Rollerdrome competition, it’s an increasingly difficult path taking shape that outlines a frankly well-balanced difficulty. It will not only be a matter of knocking down all your opponents, it will also be necessary to complete a certain number of challenges for a new stage to open its doors to you. So depending on your ease with the genre, the lifespan can easily vary between six to ten hours. Especially since when the main campaign is finished, a special rugged mode is still available for the more daring. And until the great victory that would see you inherit the title of the most valiant champion of the Rollerdrome league, the experience grips you in its wonderful flow. There are nevertheless those decorations which do not succeed enough in disorienting the retina. The landscapes remain the same throughout the stages, although we hope to be surprised, the bosses can also lack diversity, and the battles generally still maintain the same flavor, nevertheless very enjoyable.

Rollerdrome: The successful mix between Max Payne and Tony Hawk's Pro SkaterRollerdrome: The successful mix between Max Payne and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater


Strong points

  • Excellent feelings
  • Well-balanced gameplay between tricks and shots
  • A comfortable grip
  • A good sense of progress
  • An excellent soundtrack
  • The very fashionable Mœbius style AD

Weak points

  • Somewhat stiff animations
  • Slightly varied decoration

Rollerdrome is undeniably one of the must-see indie games of the summer for its excellent feel, satisfying action visuals and lively 80s soundtrack. And if the beauty of tricks is secondary, their usefulness during a hyperrhythmic performance constitutes a smart balance and very well balanced in terms of gameplay.

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