PlayStation Plus: Anger is rising among Premium subscribers

Game news PlayStation Plus: Anger is rising among Premium subscribers

Called the old “Spartacus Project”, the new PlayStation Plus landed in our European countries last June. And if the new formulas seem to have convinced most players, discontent is beginning to be heard among Premium subscribers. Here’s why.

New winning formulas

Launched on June 23, hard to miss, Sony has implemented its new PlayStation Plus on European territory and refreshes its service by offering three new formulas now known to all: Essential, Extra and Premium. With enriched catalogs, this new recipe also seems to appeal to players since the number of subscribers skyrocketedincreasing from 46.3 to 47.3 million subscribers according to the latest figures released by Sony at the end of last month.

A little reminder in passing… If the “Essential” formula is similar to the old PlayStation Plus, the Extra formula gives access to a catalog of PS4 and PS5 games, while the Premium offering adds a panel of classic titles from the old consoles generations (PSP, PS1, PS2 and PS3), each time for a few extra denarii. And this last formula in question is already starting to make some subscribers cringe…

Premium subscribers get angry

Last week, Sony revealed the new “free” games in the Extra and Premium formulas for the month of August. Several surprises are on the agenda, including three titles stamped by the Yakuza franchise, not to mention Ghost Recon Wildlands, Bugsnax or Dead by Daylight. But it is clear all new catalog entries are PS4 or PS5 games, enough to please Extra subscribers. Opposite to, no classic games on the program. A summer update, which therefore leaves a large number of Premium subscribers confused, feeling outraged that they did not get what they paid for, as evidenced by certain remarks in response to the official tweet published on the PlayStation account.

I really struggle to see the point of keeping a Premium membership when I could just upgrade to Extra because the classic games and trials really aren’t worth it.

Where are the classic catalog updates? That is why many of us have bought a premium subscription.

The Extras list is great, but you need to improve the Premium section.

I paid for the premium tier so where are the classic games for that?

More users have therefore begun to express their dissatisfaction, while timeless titles such as Dino Crisis, Ridge Racer 2 and SoulCalibur: Broken Destiny are expected soon.

About the new PlayStation Plus:

What is PlayStation Plus?

PlayStation Plus is the subscription formula for PS4 and PS5. Through various offers, you can enjoy hundreds of PlayStation titles, a list of retro games ranging from PS1 to PS3 and even streaming playback, depending on your subscription level.

What are the 3 PS Plus offers?

PlayStation Plus consists of three levels: Essential (€8.99/month), Extra (€13.99/month) and Premium (€16.99/month). The first one offers the same benefits as the old PS Plus (online games, save in the cloud, games included every month, exclusive discounts via the PlayStation Store). The other also benefits from a catalog of around 400 PS4 titles | PS5. And the third adds on top of retro software (PSP, PS1, PS2, PSP), remote reading of a selection of games thanks to streaming and – this is important – demos to test a handful of blockbusters.

Who Can Benefit From Free PlayStation Plus Games?

Depending on your subscription, you will not have access to the same games. With PlayStation Plus Essential, you are entitled to the PS Plus Collection (only on PS5) and to the titles offered each month. With Extra you have access to a PS4 catalog | PS5 with about 400 apps. And with Premium you get almost 340 retro games, streaming PS3 titles and demos.

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