Metaverse: How much will Decentraland (MANA) be worth in 2025? Here are the predictions of 3 crypto experts for the price of MANA from 2023 to 2025!

The project was created by Decentraland Foundation in 2015. So you can see that this game has been in the market for a long time. The team held an ICO in 2017 and managed to raise about 90,000 ETH (which was about $26 million at the time). However, the virtual reality platform was not opened to the public until 2020.

Decentraland users can buy and sell real estate while enjoying gameplay and interaction. It’s like an online game. However, it focuses on the interactions social and economic between users and not on gameplay himself. Users communicate, attend conferences, open shops and explore the world and new objects. Does this remind you of anything? This is Minecraft from a decentralized world !

All of Decentraland’s land is divided into 90,000 pieces called “plots”. The original plot size was 10×10 meter space in the game. In February 2019, the community voted. Immediately after, the size of each plot was increased to 16 × 16 meters. Each packet is an ERC-721 — LAND token.

Let’s talk about tokens. There are two types of cryptocurrency in the game: MANA and LAND.

  • MANA is an ERC-20 token that allows the purchase of virtual goods and services within the metaverse.
  • LAND is an ERC-721 token used to indicate the right to own a particular land in the game; in other words, it is proof of ownership.

Besides grounds there are ways and squares in Decentraland’s world. Users can’t buy it because only developers can create items on it. Routes are necessary for users to navigate the virtual world. That ” Places are points of attraction for users: public parks and information areas. The closer the land is to roads and squares, the more expensive it is. The area around Central Plaza is the most expensive, as is property in New York’s Central Park.

The world of Decentraland has themed areas called ” Districts“. For example, there are shops on Fashion Street and lecture halls at Decentraland University. Each area is owned and managed by a local community. Unfortunately, land in these areas can no longer be purchased.

Let’s say you have a (lucky) country! How can you dispose of your purchase?

  • Resell . As the game grows in popularity, the price of land increases. This makes you a conditional landlord who can benefit from it.
  • Rent the land . You will be able to receive passive income from the acquired land.
  • Place an ad . You can build any object on their land and even place ads. So you can hang a banner of your company or open a showroom.
  • Open an NFT store . Very trendy, right? Decentraland is NFT compliant with the ERC-721 standard. For example, digital artists can open a gallery of NFT paintings.

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MANA price prediction for 2023

According to the Long Forecast source, 2023 is unlikely to be a successful year for the cryptocurrency Decentraland. While the price of an asset should start the year at around $20, it should reach the $25 level in March and slowly decline to $16 in December.

The price of the digital coin promises MANA investors a fairly stable income throughout 2023. Thus the maximum price the asset can reach is around $10.

Trading Beasts is not as bullish as Long weather forecast. We mean at all. So the token may start the year at $4 and fall to $3.5 in mid-2023. However, MANA may hit $6 by the end of the year, which is pretty cool.

MANA price prediction for 2024

The long-term forecast source expects the MANA coin to move up and down in 2024. Thus, the price may rise to $31 in mid-summer 2024, but a correction to the 20 level of $25 may follow by the end of the year.

The Digital Coin Price website predicts steady growth. Thus, the MANA token may reach $11.

Trade animals is no longer so bullish. The price of the decentralized cryptocurrency may fluctuate through 2024 in the $4.8-$7 corridor.

MANA price prediction for 2025

According to the website Long weather forecast, the MANA cryptocurrency will start the year at $20. After that, price fluctuations will begin and may reach $17 in May, $14 in June and $23 in September. Finally, the year will show us a closing price of $29.

By 2025, the price of MANA may also reach $13.5, the source states Digital coin price. It’s not a huge lift, but one stable growthHowever.

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