Canva is adding a collaboration space to its design tool

Teams using Canva for their graphic design now have the Whiteboards extension to brainstorm and share their projects in advance on whiteboards. In addition to the free version, the solution is now available in two pricing options, Canva Pro and Canva for Teams.

With Canva Whiteboards, the online design and publishing tool Canva offers a collaborative space within its platform. Its users can thus work together on their projects, organize brainstorming sessions or workshops. To access it, open a new Canva presentation page by right-clicking on a slide and selecting the whiteboard option. One can then add ideas and react to the screen thus opened using stickers, voting graphics, shapes and lines. Access is of course allowed, so that Canva’s library of 100 million images, videos and sound sequences can be integrated into the collaboration space.

If a session has a time limit, a synchronized timer feature will let users know how much time has passed. Ten seconds before the end of the session, an alarm is triggered. These whiteboards can be shared using a link or downloaded to retrieve key deliverables. With a right click, we select the elements that we want to send or download.

More than a hundred models to start a session

Canva also provides many templates as a starting point for a session. These can include flowcharts, “mind maps”, wireframes (a schematic representation of an interface, website or application), kanban boards, seating plans or again, organizational charts. Complex flows can be explained and illustrated using post-it notes, shapes and connecting lines. Canvas’s workflow automation features allow users to add pre-connected shapes and elements.

Customizable templates are available in Whiteboards (visual roadmap, business plan, Kanban board, etc.). (Credit: Canva) View larger

Promote creativity from a distance

Whiteboards have always been a fundamental part of creativity in business, says Charlotte Norman, Canva’s global product manager. In recent months, they have increasingly been used remotely. It was therefore necessary to offer this tool to continue to promote creativity among the users of the software.

After launching Canva Presentations, the vendor found that an increasing number of customers were using the presentations to conduct brainstorming sessions. Hence the decision to develop a more suitable solution for collaboration without being limited by fixed frameworks. “At Canva, we make it easy for teams to turn their ideas into designs, but one of the things we heard from our community is that they wanted a better way to brainstorm as a team inside even from Canva, before they began to create.” says Charlotte Norman.

A Canva for Teams version for $150 per year

Along with the launch of Canva Whiteboards, the Australian publisher (co-founded 10 years ago by Melanie Perkins, its CEO) changed its pricing tiers. In addition to the free tier, which is maintained, Canva Pro ($120 per year) is for individual users, and Canva for Teams ($150 per year) is for teams of two or more people. This 3rd version allows its users to invite an unlimited number of members. All versions (free and paid) will be able to access Canva Whiteboards via the web, on a landline or mobile. The publisher now claims 75 million monthly active users working in a hundred languages.

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