the ranking of the 10 games with the most cheats has dropped

That cheaters is a real plague in the middle of competitive video game. It even happens that it destroys completely the immersion of a game and destroys its reputation. ONE examination on their spread has just been published, and one location was made to show what are the 10 games with the most cheats.

And the game with the most cheaters is…

It is very likely that during one of your multiplayer games in a game, you spot someone who doesn’t seem to follow the same rules as you. He walks faster, shoots easier, even walks through walls or seems immortal. According to the game, these cheats have access to software that allows them to gain multiple abilities, such as seeing through walls, having no lifebar, or giving them access to all information about opponents at all times. Although the developers do their best to prevent this kind of behavior, it is sometimes difficult to hunt down cheaters, especially if the code you are using is easily accessible. Some games, e.g Titanfall 1 and 2 have dark histories with them.

Well to educate the gaming community on this topic, the company Surfshark (known for its VPNs) recently published a survey of the games with the most cheats. To achieve that, the company searched Google and Youtube via an AI for various keywords such as “How to cheat…” and then compiled the videos that appeared the most in the various algorithms. Every other game was then ranked by the number of views of the videos. A method which, however, is far from infallible, because rather than actually indicating the number of cheaters per games (we should rather be interested in the number of accounts banned per month per game, which is difficult in non-multiplayer games or games that do not have an effective anti-cheat system), it has the advantage of showing the enthusiasm of the public to know how to cheat such a game. Without further ado, here are the full rankings:

1) Minecraft : +30 million views

2) Among us : +15 million views

3) Fortnite : +12 million views

4) Roblox : +10 million views

5) The Sims 4 : +10 million views

6) PUBG : + 9 million views

7) call of duty war zone : +8 million views

8) Pokémon Sword/Shield : +6 million views

9) Mario Kart 8 : +5 million views

10) Skyrim : +4 million views

cheat: best way to kill a video game?

The location has the advantage of showing something surprising: there are almost as many single player or casual games as there are competitive games. Some games, however plagued by cheating, do not appear in the rankings either. We can think of Autumn guys or even to Battlefield 2042 Where Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In the competitive servers of Minecraft, it is not surprising to encounter a few small hackers. With 30 million views, the game stands out as the benchmark for cheating. Among the known tools, we can talk about X-rays to find diamonds more easily or about “Anti-KB” to no longer undergo recoil after suffering a blow.

However, the leaderboard presents games where “it’s okay” to cheat. The Sims 4 for example some old fashioned cheats have which mother lode to get rich instantly. Minecraft and Skyrim has control panels that can be opened in-gameeven randomly (the ² key for skyrim) to get roughly what you want in the game. Cheating in solo is absolutely not reprehensible, but doing so in multiplayer can cause serious moral and legal problems. In South Korea, for example, cheating can lead to fines or even criminal proceedings.. On Twitch, some streamers flaunt their talents to get donations from gullible viewers. The latest story is about the professional gamer pplehx and can be found here.

The #2 ranked player on Vanguard (“pplehx”) has been caught cheating after his stream overflowed showing he had walls \ud83d\udc80

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11 April 2022

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