The least attractive phones

Over the past 20 years, there have been a staggering number of phones. Some of these devices have profoundly changed society, but others… less so. Let’s shed some light on the ugly ducklings.

It would be easy to make a long list of ugly phones. But I wanted it to be more concise. Although there are many poor feature phones out there, these are the smartphones that I chose to include in this list. The iPhone models we’re considering are all good, but none are particularly ugly. Sorry, diehards.

The best Android smartphones of 2022

It is important to remember that design can be very subjective. What I find unattractive may not be what you consider ugly. I’m sure there were many more phones that I didn’t know about. It is not an exact science.

Sharp Aquos R2 Compact

By 2017-18, notch phones had become more common. This design decision sparked many opinions. Although the Pixel 3 XL is the most infamous, that phone only had one notch.

The Sharp Aquos R2 Compact made headlines because it had two notches. There was the usual notch at one end for the front camera, but there was also another at the bottom for the fingerprint sensors.

Arguably, a higher notch offers more screen real estate because status icons are able to bypass it. There wasn’t much to be gained with the bottom notch. It was just a little weird.

T-Mobile G1

Ok, maybe it’s a risk. The T-Mobile G1 holds a special place in people’s hearts as it was the very first Android smartphone. But let’s not forget that it’s pretty ugly.

You can see the huge lower part. There are four buttons and a trackball. It is made entirely of plastic and looks like plastic. It almost looks childish. Although the screen can be pushed up, it is very cool. However, it can sometimes look a little strange.

Even though it was an early iPhone, I think it was still a good example of the type of smartphone Apple made. The original iPhone is old, but it looks so much better and more premium.

Samsung Galaxy S5 in “Gold” (Gold)

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 was a very simple device. If it was not very different from the Galaxy S4, a choice made by Samsung was not well received. The back of this phone had a rubbery indentation texture.

The indentation texture was acceptable in both white and black. However, she has been the source of many jokes. Samsung has tried to make it look shiny in product images. But in reality it looked more like a beige color and the pattern made it look like a bandage.

The Galaxy S5 is a prime example of how a seemingly simple design decision—a rubberized back with indentations that add grip—can turn into a disaster. When it was clarified that he looked like an old sticking plaster, everyone could face the truth.

Model Doogee S70

The Doogee S70 falls under the category of “robust” smartphones. Doogee has designed a phone with robust materials and high IP/MIL ratings. It is designed to look rugged.

This phone has a lot to offer. The phone has sharp edges and an angular shape, fake screws around the cameras, leather texture on the back and the ‘IP68’ stamp. It’s just too much.

There are many phones that can be called “robust”, but they all have the same problems. No matter how tough a phone is, it should look like an armored vehicle. It’s a nice design for some, but it’s not my favorite.

Lamborghini TL700

I saved the worst (the best) for last. Sometimes high-end car manufacturers license their name to a crazy smartphone. These units are usually very flashy, but the Lamborghini TL700 is a good example.

It has bold gold plating on all sides. The home button doubles as the large Lamborghini logo. To make it even more impressive, the home button is topped with the inscription “Tonino Lamborghini”.

The TL700 has a ribbed texture on the sides and the back is covered in imitation crocodile hair. In addition to other fake gold screws and gold accents, the Lamborghini logo is also visible on the back. That’s a lot.

These phones are so weird I have no idea who bought them. You had to pay $2,758 to buy the Lamborghini TL700 in 2012. It’s a status symbol that’s certainly not very appealing, but it’s definitely a status symbol.

These phones are truly terrible. Fortunately, most of the “ugly” devices I’ve found are pre-smartphones. Modern phones generally look much better. Software design has gotten a lot better. However, you never know what the next horror might be.

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