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Six outings will be on the program this week, two in France and four in the United States.


Wednesday 17 August:

100% Star Wars – The High Republic Volume 3 (canon universe)

Who will be able to catch Lourna Dee? The Nihils have unleashed a terrible threat to the Jedi, and Avar Kriss is determined to bring Lourna Dee to justice, but will Stellan Gios and the Jedi Council agree? Also, the truth about Sskeer is revealed… and may challenge the Republic!

Contains The High Republic #11-15, unpublished and Eye of the Storm #1-2, unpublished.

NB: As mentioned above, this album is 100% unreleased. If you bought the 5 little 48-page La Haute République albums, this volume is the sequel (and by the way, the end). If you preferred to buy the 2 “big” volumes of 120 pages, it’s the same continuation and ending 🙂

Wednesday 17 August:

100% Star Wars – Doctor Aphra (2020) Volume 3 – War of the Bounty Hunters (canon universe)

Recruited for a new mission, Doctor Aphra and Sana Starros discover a strange abandoned vessel. On board, they awaken a horror that had been hidden for centuries. They will then find themselves embarking on the race to recover the body of Han Solo!

NB: Contains Doctor Aphra (2020) #11-15, already published in the five volumes of Bounty Hunters’ War.


Tuesday 16 August:

The Princess and the Villain (canon universe)

You are cordially invited to the wedding of Princess Leia Organa and Han Solo.

The Death Star is destroyed. Darth Vader is dead. The empire is destroyed. But on the forest moon of Endor, amidst the chaos of a changing galaxy, time has stood still for a princess and her rogue.

After being frozen in carbonite and then risking everything for the Rebellion, Han is eager to stop living his life for others. Han and Leia have earned their future together a thousand times over. And when he proposes to Leia, it’s the first time in a long time that he has a good feeling. For Leia, her life of fighting doesn’t really seem to be over. There is still work to be done to redeem herself from the dark secret she knows runs through her veins. Her brother, Luke, gives her that chance, a chance that comes with family and the promise of the Force. But when Han proposes to her, Leia’s answer immediately hits her lips… Yes.

But “they lived happily ever after” doesn’t always come easily. When Han and Leia leave the idyllic ceremony on Endor for their honeymoon, they find themselves in the grandest and most glamorous place of them all: the Halcyon, a luxury vessel that travels to the galaxy’s most wondrous worlds. Their marriage, and the peace and prosperity it represents, is a lightning rod for everyone in the galaxy, including the remnants of the Empire still clinging to power.

Facing their most desperate hour, the Empire’s soldiers have spread across the galaxy, entrenching themselves on vulnerable and vulnerable isolated planets. As Halcyon travels from world to world, one thing becomes abundantly clear: the war is not over. But as danger approaches, Han and Leia discover that their best battles are fought as husband and wife, not alone.

Tuesday 16 August:

Star Wars Rebels (comics) (canon universe)

The Complete Star Wars Rebels Cartoon Series for Kids.

Wednesday 17 August:

The Mandalorian #2/8 (canon universe)

Fight the Mud Horn!
– After hunting valuable prey, the Mandalorian must now deal with bandits.
– Will The Mandalorian fight the Jawa, or is an alliance coming?

And here are 4 preview pages you can click to enlarge.

Wednesday 17 August:

Star Wars (2020) #26 (canon universe)

The road to victory!
– The Rebel fleet is finally reunited, and Leia Organa, Mon Mothma and the other Alliance leaders send a strong message to the galaxy that resistance to Palpatine’s rule remains as strong as ever.
– Meanwhile, Lady Qi’ra of Scarlet Dawn has activated her sleeper agents across the galaxy, instructing them to wreak havoc on the Empire by any means necessary!

And here are 5 preview pages you can click to enlarge.

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