Meeting with Boris Penel, Car Manager at MP Motorsport

Before joining MP in FIA F3, what other team did you train at?

Boris Penel: “I worked in a few stables. I started at DAMS where I worked there for 4 years. First in the GP2 championship for 2 years, notably with Jolyon PALMER (driver/team champion) and then with Pierre GASLY in 2015.
In 2016, the team decided to enter GP3, so that’s where I started working as a car manager. I worked there for 2 years and at the same time I was also the 1st mechanic in Formula E with Sébastien Buemi and the E.DAMS team (driver/team master)

In 2016 and 2017 in the double championship, I was off to a calendar of about 18 meetings a year. »

The world of racing makes many young teenagers dream
was your way there? (studies/practice/…)

PO: “I first made a BAC STI motorized system.
Saw a BTS AVA after car sale.
At the same time, I did my internship and summer job at the PORSCHE dealer in Lorient, where they had a racing team. I already raced every weekend in the VdeV championship.
Subsequently, I did a Professional Competition Mechanical License (LPMC). It is the only one in France, based at the University of Maine in LE MANS.
This license selects only 16 candidates per year. It is of course free, but very selective. It is complemented by an internship of at least a month in England, where I was at MC LAREN F1 and 4 months of complete immersion in a team of our choice, where I was retained by DAMS. »

What would you like to say to these young people who want to work in
Car race?

PO: “I sometimes do conferences and meetings at professional colleges. Often students are certain that it is unavailable. I assure you they are wrong. I had no connection with motorsport until I decided to make it my job. My parents have always supported me, but did not know this environment at all. Today they are fans.
It is an exciting profession, hard at times, but I assure you that they give emotions that few professions are capable of.

Besides, there is work. This is by no means a so-called “blocked” route.
So try it! Come live the experience and travel too!

Will the result be for you to join an F1 team? And if you have
the choice which team you would like to join?

PO: “Oh hard question! It’s true that I look at the offers every winter.
However, it is still a different choice of life than these F1 support championships. I specify the choice to make a career in F1 in the pits, not in the factory, it is also a life choice! The 22 races per season when you are close to the car and the driver is a real challenge. You have to be on top all the time!

Last season I was offered to go to a 2nd part of the table team. I took it seriously, but maybe it was a little too soon. »

Do you have a team you want to work for?

PO: “There is no team I particularly prefer. We’re not going to work in a team because we’re a fan of the colors or the drivers. This world of F1 moves very fast and everything changes all the time.
But I think that working in F1 would be the culmination of this whole life in which we do not have the necessary time to devote to our families, friends, to thank them for giving us the opportunity to exercise our passion at the highest level.”

Do you see yourself in this environment for a long time?

PO: “Hard to say, I appreciate this world, it’s true, so I don’t think about stopping tomorrow. At least I feel good about this team. Maybe that’s why I’m waiting a bit to join the prestigious Formula 1 family.
If I had to change job sectors, I think I would go to the pilots. I appreciate the relationship between riders and teams.”

What can we wish you for the future?

PO: “I think it’s a job/passion which already gives us the privilege of getting up in the morning with a smile. So let’s imagine the future and continue like this, and maybe one day the possibility of a top team will open the possibility for me to practice at an even higher level than what I do today. »

Thanks to Boris for sharing his journey and experience with MP Motorsport with us.

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