Lela Jaffel, puppeteer or puppeteer.

It is when it ends that it starts again. The subject of judges and justice becomes exhausting, so much does it take center stage with its twists and turns.

No matter how much we want to deal with galloping inflation, sluggish growth, the total absence of visibility, all this becomes secondary to the most important issue of all, which is justice. Without justice, everything breaks down and ours is sick. Very ill.

A French septuagenarian died last week in Mornaguia prison in horrific conditions. What is there to be ashamed of our prison system, our justice system, our state. The septuagenarian could have died with dignity at home, but no, he was left to die a slow death in prison. What did he do ? We don’t know and it’s not important. Regardless of what he has done, this septuagenarian is human, and as such he must die with dignity.

The investigating judge who decided to imprison this Frenchman ultimately found nothing in this case. He signs his release. But it is not the view of the prosecution, followed by the indictment chamber, which maintained the detention of the old man. Why ? No one has answered. The presumption of innocence? Despised. Can we name a perpetrator for what looks like a real crime? None. Saying it’s the fault of the accident or/and the system is simpler…

However, this is at the heart of the justice problem in Tunisia. This system that crushes the innocent and the guilty. This system, which does not apply one of the rules of justice, which consists in freedom being the rule and deprivation of liberty the exception. This system, which refuses to take into account an immutable and universal rule in all legal systems: the presumption of innocence.

More than a year after July 25, when the President of the Republic monopolized full powers, and more than six months after the dissolution of the Superior Council of the Judiciary (CSM), our system judiciary has just crushed an innocent Septuagenarian by murdering him in horrific circumstances . Rest in peace ! I am ashamed !

Once, twice, a hundred times, Kaïs Saïed has promised a reorganization of justice. The fault, according to him, is a couple of crooked judges. All you have to do is remove them and everything will be back to normal.

After disbanding the CSM in February and dismissing some 57 judges in June, the issue remains unresolved. We can even say that the president made it worse.

By disbanding the CSM, Kaïs Saïed declared that this council became complicit in the corruption that exists within the company.

In dismissing 57 judges, Kaïs Saïed declared that the evidence that incriminated them is irrefutable.

We have there a typical demonstration of the disease of the legal system, the President of the Republic disregards the presumption of innocence himself and pronounces judgments without instructions for and against and without listening to the defendants.

The fact is that the majority of the 57 exiled judges claimed their innocence. Several have stated that this is a formal settlement. They expressly and specifically accuse the Minister of Justice, Leïla Jaffel, of being behind the disaster that has befallen them.

They seized the Administrative Tribunal (TA) and 49 of them were able to win their case last Wednesday, after the suspension of the decision to dismiss them. They should theoretically go back to work.

Parallel to all this, an independent commission exercising under the jurisdiction of military justice would have investigated the cases and reached the same conclusion as the TA.

Was the president manipulated by his attorney general? Maybe. What we do know is that the lady has not been received by the President for two months and that the latter is angry with her.

In a dramatic turn on Sunday, the Ministry of Justice publishes a very short press release to say that the dismissed judges are the subject of a criminal case.

Is it true ? According to the judge and adviser to the court of cassation, Afif Jaïdi, out of the 57 cases, only six are before the courts. A case involving a judge who is already in prison. Another for a traffic violation. Another for bird hunting. There are even cases brought to the public prosecutor’s office following the administrative court’s decision!!

What conclusion can we draw from all this? Would Leïla Jaffel lie openly?

What we do know is that the Administrative Court informed the Presidency of the Republic before publicly announcing its decision. He would have been given the green light to do so.

What we also know is that the Ministry of Justice informed the Presidency of the Republic before publishing its Sunday press release. And he would have been given the green light for that.

We clearly have two conflicting pieces of information here, and they both relate to the top of the state.

In the first case, Leïla Jaffel manipulated the president, but the latter did not let it go and let justice decide. Theoretically, he should say “ghaltouni” (I was deceived) and dismiss his minister. What was not done.

In the second case, Leïla Jaffel has always carried out the orders of the President of the Republic and his entourage (especially his magistrate wife) and fully assumes the dismissal of the judges, even if the case files are empty or even there are none. records at all.

In both cases, the responsibility of the President of the Republic is engaged.

In both cases, the President of the Republic gave the green light this week that he should not have given.

In one case as in the other, the President of the Republic plays with the nerves of the judges and thus ours.

The most likely thesis is that the president, after giving the go-ahead to TA, could not bear to be ridiculed in front of public opinion. He then retreated by playing the card of headlong rush.

Childish and short-sighted attitude of a president who is not practiced in politics and manipulated at will by the services.

It is the entire justice system that suffers and it is the crooked judges that benefit the most.

While the president plays with decrees, press releases and decisions, we have judges letting a septuagenarian die in prison under terrible conditions.

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