She leaves her babies alone in the car in the sun while she goes shopping

It was noon when a mother shopping in a mall in Avignon. She leaves her babies in a car. This is parked in a car park where the thermometer already showed 30° C in the shade. The windows of the vehicle were closed and the children remained there for a long time. The two brothers narrowly avoided the worst.

The situation could have turned very bad

Every responsible parent knows thatdon’t leave a child alone, too far. During periods of high heat, this vigilance must be redoubled. Leaving babies or children around noon, in a closed car and in the middle of a heat wave, is terrible. It is whatAbove all, don’t.

However, that is what happened on August 12 in Avignon. This mother leaving behind her 6-month-old and 2-year-old sons In his car. They are waiting for her to finish shopping in Vaucluse.

But their mother was so late that the children started screaming to get them out of the car. Obviously, their mother wasn’t waiting for them.

No need to stay in a car for hours to understand what her little ones must have felt. Everyone knows that stay just a few minutes in a vehicle while period of high heat, is unbearable! Besides that day it was 30°C in the shade.

Two people passing the car noticed it the distress of the two boys in the car. They shall immediately notify the competent authorities.

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Police and firefighters arrive at the scene. They could do that quickly get them out as the car was not locked. Both children were already quite dehydrated. They are quickly taken to the hospital. It was necessary to intervene quickly, because heat stroke without assistance can lead to coma and irreversible sequelae.

The case is forwarded to the public prosecutor’s office

After all this commotion, the mother is finally arrested when she returns from the mall with her purchases. The gendarmes therefore immediately decided to take her into custody.

The mother of the family explains that she didn’t think it would last forever. She just wanted to take a quick detour to pick up some things.

She didn’t realize thatshe wanted to hurt her two sons. And yet the damage is done. His negligence almost cost the lives of his offspring. If her two passers-by hadn’t intervened, her babies might no longer be in this world.

Although the windows of a car remain open, the heat can rise very quickly. As soon as the ambient temperature exceeds the threshold of 25°C, 10 minutes is enough to turn a car into a giant oven.

babies and toddlers, is not yet equipped with a good control system warm as an adult. They can’t stand the high heat yet. The difficulty, moreover, is that the latter do not have any of the precise words to properly explain their situation.

The parquet floor in Avignon

Must therefore definitely see them close during the heat wave. We actually can’t wait for them to do the right thing to get out of it. They still need an adult to look after them.

The prosecutor’s office in Avignon quickly closes the case. A mandatory educational measure is assigned. Due to the danger of the situation, this decision of the courts is justified. In some countries, locking one or more children in a vehicle is already considered a fine.

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Such parents are not always aware of how their negligence can have serious consequences. Passers-by who witness these scenarios should therefore always alert Samu (15) or the fire brigade (18). If you are traveling abroad, call 112 instead.

Risky and serious behavior for babies

In theory, all parents know why never leave your baby in a car. But in practice, most people believe that it can potentially save time. This is exactly the case illustrated by this story.

The matter may seem trivial, but it is a very serious behavior. From a certain threshold, under the same circumstances, dehydration can go until the children’s death. This case is more common than you might think. More babies and children in Europe and even in the US would already be victims. In the worst case, there could have been accidents or even carjacking.

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The parents then review a terrible sense of guilt at the time of the facts. Under certain circumstances, parents who are caught in the act will always try to justify themselves. So did the mother of these two children. At such times, the authorities present must always remain calm and use wisdom.

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