it’s the promised next generation slap but…

First of all, let’s start by putting some order into the different versions of the “saga”. Bright Memory Infinite is not Bright Memory, which on the other hand is also known as Bright Memory: Episode 1. Some players refer to this first draft as a demo of Bright Memory Infinite, while others consider it to be two consecutive games. The truth is a bit of a mix of all that, and it’s not for nothing that Bright Memory Infinite isn’t called Bright Memory: Episode 2 after all. Both titles use the same main characters, more or less the same enemies. , and two very similar combat systems, but the levels and scenario are completely different. This is good news for everyone, as those who already have Bright Memory will not suffer any repetition, while the others will be able to begin their journey with this “second part” (which isn’t really one, so ) without to feel like you’ is jumping on the bandwagon again. For all intents and purposes, let’s remind them that Bright Memory wraps up in thirty to forty-five minutes (yes, you read that right) and that they’re not missing much anyway. Bright Memory Infinite’s scenario is all the more self-contained as befits a postage stamp, and the universe is never delved into by the developer. You play as Shelia Tan, a member of the SRO (which you only learn via a loading screen is a “Supernatural Science Research Organization”). A mysterious storm has broken out near your city, you go to the scene, only to discover that a giant black hole has appeared and that soldiers belonging to a rival organization (which we will never know about) already there. A partner, a superior, and an antagonist appear more or less in cutscenes, but all this gives no concrete information. In short, the scenario is a vague pretext for the chestnut, and nothing more.

Bright memory infinite


Bright memory infiniteThis lightness of the script could be a major fault elsewhere, but it works out pretty well here. The game prioritizes action and clearly claims the line of fast FPS. The gameplay is particularly reminiscent of the recent Shadow Warrior, as our heroine uses both weapons and katana. The latter are called lumi blades and allow him to both parry attacks, cut enemies on contact and project bright lights. Its exo-arm is used to swing electromagnetic pulses and attract enemies towards it. And the four available weapons focus on the basics (pistol, machine gun, shotgun, sniper rifle) while offering several types of special ammo. Add to that a small technique improvement system and you get a nervous and very enjoyable gameplay. Quickly dodging (this is important against bosses), throwing enemies into the air, levitating by kicking them with katana strikes, running along certain walls, or propelling yourself towards a few pre-defined anchor points with a grappling hook are all possible moves. The game masters its subject matter perfectly, and it’s only when it moves away from this core gameplay that things get difficult. Fortunately, this is limited to two specific sequences: a level dedicated to basic infiltration and a short sequence in the car with questionable handling. On the other hand, don’t count on us faulting the game for its linearity, which is nonetheless very real. More open lanes would certainly have hurt the pace, which here is hectic and devoid of any dead time. Not to mention, we can never repeat it enough, a single developer is at the helm! Zeng Xiancheng was assisted by musicians and actors for the sound aspect, but everything regarding the design and programming is entirely his work.

Bright memory infinite


Bright memory infiniteTherefore, one wonders how the bugger managed to release such advanced graphics. The answer is: by using assets from the unreal market. But this does not impair the final quality of the product. The next-gen effect is definitely there, supported by realistic photogrammetric textures, vegetation that never stops swaying in the gusts of wind, and brilliant reflections that are far from anecdotal, as most of the settings have bodies of water. The armor of the soldiers shines like a whistle, the water drops stick to the screen, the sky is both charged and bright, and many special effects (deformations, slow motion, particles, etc.) enhance all this. In short, we take full eyes. And if the techno-futuristic artistic direction can be quite generic at times, it still avoids falling into this trap, thanks to the Chinese influence found in the scenery (inspired by the provinces of Guizhou and Guangxi) and the design of certain enemies (old soldiers, living statues, masked creatures …). To top it off, the developer has had fun creating a sexy heroine who can be equipped with light outfits in the options menu, and who is sometimes revealed to us through “well-chosen” camera angles. In an age where political correctness has invaded most video game productions, this little uninhibited side is quite refreshing. As an indie game that offers solid gameplay and AAA-worthy graphics, would Bright Memory Infinite be a nice surprise? Alas, no, because it lives up to its name quite badly. In infinity, you have to be satisfied with a lifetime of about two hours! This is obviously too little, even at the official price of €20…

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