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On July 24, 2022, SAIC Audi officially unveiled its first SUV designed for the Chinese market, the Audi Q6. Positioned as a large, robust luxury SUV, the Audi Q6 seamlessly integrates the quality of pure German luxury with China’s unique mythological imagery, fully interpreting the essence of the Audi Roadjet concept. Not only is the Audi Q6 the only Audi-branded 6/7-seater model with optional aviation-grade executive seats, it fully meets the diverse needs of Chinese customers and fills the gap in the brand’s market segment in the four rings.

Driving pleasure without hybridization
As the first large SUV from the SAIC Audi joint venture, the Audi Q6 is equipped with turbocharged gasoline engines: the 4-cylinder 2.0T (EA888) of the fourth generation and the 6-cylinder 2.5T (EA390). The fastest acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h takes just 7.3 seconds, giving the driver a dynamic driving experience. It is worth mentioning that the Audi Q6 is the first Audi model to be equipped with the fourth-generation 2.0T EA888 engine, which greatly improves the model’s sporty genes and energy performance, reflecting the forward outlook of the Audi brand in the market . and user needs. The 45 TFSI model has a maximum output of 265 hp (195 kW) and a maximum torque of 400 Nm; The 50 TFSI model has a maximum output of 299 hp (195 kW) and a maximum torque of 500 Nm. Both engines are imported with their original packaging and follow Audi’s strict process standards, from assembly of the components to the overall performance machine, with ample power and high performance.

It is worth mentioning that the Chinese Audi Q6 chassis design team, led by German experts, has carried out long-term and careful optimization on various indicators of vehicle comfort and dynamic performance. The entire Audi Q6 range is equipped with the intelligent quattro system as standard with the adaptive dynamic suspension system DCC, which interprets the dynamic performance of clouds and flowing water, making driving enjoyable.

A design adapted to the Chinese market
Mr. Gao Dele, General Manager of SAIC Audi’s Sales and Marketing Department, said: “Audi has always placed great emphasis on the Chinese market and Chinese consumers. We hope that people will once again understand what true user co-creation is. To this end, we take inspiration from the classic image of the unicorn and integrate it seamlessly into German minimalist design, so that the vehicle shows a unicorn with its head held high and majestic. »

Based on Audi’s new generation family design language, the German design team has described the details through the details. China’s unique mythological imagery is another ultimate expression of Audi on the path of aesthetic exploration.

The grille of the Audi Q6 has an original grille decoration, and the octagonal design of the grille and the vertical side air intakes add majesty and confidence to the front. The sharp edges and corners of the body, the elegant piercing waist with a slight bulge on the side and the D-pillar in the classic Audi blade shape, each line embodies the unique ingenuity of the designer, perfectly integrating the charm of Eastern culture and the essence of Western technology , carving a unique design.

At the same time, to meet the growing trend and personal car needs of the innovative new generation, the Audi Q6 has a “double-sided” design style. The body contains a lot of chrome decorations to define the perfect posture, which is calm and elegant without losing the sense of style. The black elements such as the front, the mirror caps and the roof including the pillars are another deep interpretation of the sporty style. In terms of body colors, Crouching Tiger White, Lion Grey, Feilong Green, Fulu Brown, Black Bull Black, Snow Python Grey, Tianma Blue and Audi’s first matte brown paint Kirin Brown are available, with a total of 8 body colors, a total of 6 wheel types (19 , 20 and 21 inches), including two RS wheels, and 11 interior seat covers, colors and stitching.

In addition, the Audi Q6 uses Audi’s most advanced lighting technology. Penetrating LED headlights and quattro projection brake lights under the rear spoiler are used for the first time in an Audi model. Combined with the penetrating LED taillights, they not only achieve extremely high body recognition, giving users a technological aesthetic experience that integrates the senses.

A very luxurious SUV
Dr. Jia Mingdi, General Manager of SAIC Audi Marketing Business, said: “ A car is a mobile building and a mobile living space. Creating a more artistic and comfortable driving position is also a way of creating space. What SAIC Audi has built is a fusion experience in light of the living space of the future. »

The length, width and height of the Audi Q6 are 5099 mm, 2014 mm and 1784 mm respectively, and the wheelbase reaches 2980 mm. For more abundant travel needs and a more comfortable driving experience, the trunk space can be expanded to a maximum of 2,398 liters, fully meeting the various needs of out-of-town travel.

Inside the car, the interior design of the Audi Q6 continues the luxurious and enterprising gene of the Audi brand. All seats are leather and each seat has color-matched stitching that is soft and smooth to the touch. To ensure that users of different body shapes can achieve a perfectly adapted sitting position, Audi’s engineers have developed ergonomic seat foam technology. At the same time, all front seats are equipped with a leg rest and a 12-way electric adjustment function as standard, and the second row seats are fully equipped with ventilation, heating, massage and other configurations. comfort, so that users can enjoy the ultimate first-class experience on an airplane .

In the six-seat layout, passengers in the second row can enjoy individual airline-class executive seats. The design of the fixed inner armrest is covered with the same high-quality Wagner leather as the seat, and the matte chrome trim strips make it more refined and noble. The specially equipped “boss key” can electrically adjust the fore and aft distance and the angle of the passenger seat backrest to achieve a more extended seating position. Concealed retractable cupholders and cell phone holders, acoustic windows that provide great interior quietness for the aft row, and rear window sunshades further enhance cockpit comfort and privacy. In addition, the Audi Q6 uses Bang & Olufsen’s premium sound brand, and 14 specially designed high-level speakers are scattered around the cabin, bringing the acoustic enjoyment of room-level three-dimensional surround sound.

At the same time, the whole Audi Q6 series adopts the multi-function steering wheel covered with imported Nappa leather, and the upper part of the dashboard is also covered with soft leather. The three-dimensional presentation of premium materials and the well-ordered interweaving of exquisite details make the vehicle a combination of luxury, technology and dynamic performance, which fully interprets the essence of Audi’s “country plan”, including ideas inspired by 2006 Audi roadjet concept. Confidence also includes a spacious and comfortable luxury tech cabin that can fulfill all quality travel fantasies.

Integration of many advanced technologies
All Audi Q6 models adopt Audi’s exclusive high-end design style with three screens, upgraded version of 12.3-inch Audi virtual cockpit, 10.1-inch MMI touchscreen and operation screen with 8.6-inch air-conditioned seat function combined with head-up display system that creates meaningful technology for a luxurious interior ambience. Audi connect & Asterix interconnection system based on the new Audi interconnection platform can access Tencent and Alibaba’s green services, including in-car WeChat, AutoNavi Maps, Himalaya, etc., and provide richer digital entertainment content.

In addition, the Audi Q6 can also be equipped with the Audi AI Pro driving package, including ACC adaptive radar, intelligent parking assistance, lane assist system, including traffic jams and other advanced technologies that reach the L2+ level of intelligent driving assistance, to create safety for users.

In addition to the excellent reliability of its new vehicle, SAIC Audi also prepared six free basic maintenance for 3 years (car pick-up and delivery service), free original paint repair in the first year, flux of free basic service for 3 years, a financial plan of 0% interest for up to 24 months and eleven other major reservation rights, help users buy and use a car without worries. Users who pre-order the limited launch Audi Q6 edition one will enjoy additional upgrade privileges.

Audi Q6 inherits the technological luxury and entrepreneurial spirit that the Audi brand insists on, and truly integrates Audi’s German know-how with the specific needs of today’s Chinese market.

Opening of reservations and prices
On the occasion of its official presentation on July 24, 2022, the automaker opened reservations for the Audi Q6. The price range depending on the model is 500,000 (72,248 euros) to 650,000 yuan (93,922 euros). Consumers can log into the SAIC Audi app to pay an intention fee of 6,666 yuan (923 euros) to make a reservation.

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