A father forgets his two one-year-old babies in his car, the aftermath is dramatic…

Most of the time forgotten baby syndrome happens when the father or mother has gone to work, and thus forgets to leave their baby with the babysitter. It is a very sad accident that can happen very quickly. But it is also a revealing factor of the extent to which today’s people automatically go without think for yourself definitely too tired or busy with everything they have to do at work.

Unfortunately, the consequences are tragic. We hear about such a cause of death almost every week. This time again there was one death, but even two. Indeed, this father had two one-year-old twins in his car. Both died unfortunately. We will explain everything here.

A typical day for a father.

Yes, when Juan, the father of the family, got up in the morning, he took care of his twins. He in turn got ready and carefully strapped Luna and Phoenix into the back of the car in their respective car seats. Then he had to go and put them in the nursery before he went to work. But on the way the two adorable babies must have been very calm and this father preoccupied with his thoughts or even tiredness. Thus, in the end, the nursery was not affected, but the work was. When Juan parked to take off his seat belt and got out of the vehicle, there was no sound. Nothing reminded her that the two babies were in the back.

Still, the consequences of global warming are hard not to notice. So with the heat, the beating sun and these two poor babies attached, this father accidentally kills his twins. This story took place in July 2019at a time of the year when the heat is not wanted, especially in New York, city where they are located. Thus Juan spends his working day, very complicated and very strenuous. And seeing how overwhelmed he seems, he decides to call his wife. So she could go to daycare to pick up her two babies. And at this moment the father of the family realizes. We dare to imagine the lump in his stomach he must have had when he understood that the kids never got out of that car.

His grieving wife

The father of the family therefore had his wife on the phone at the time. Marissa Quattrone Rodriguez, mother of the twins, confides in the Mirror, saying that “I was on the phone at work when he called again a moment later. It was clearly one emergency. I answered and I heard him repeat: ‘My love, oh my God, my love … I killed the babies”. Thus, the father of the family quickly realized that it was too late. That these two babies could not unfortunately no longer saved. This occurrence is called forgotten baby syndrome. It affects many more people than we believe and prove certainly not that a person is a good or a bad parent. On the other hand, this syndrome destroys lives, familiesand especially hearts.

In the end, the father of the family is not sent to prison. He didn’t try to defend himself and admitted the whole truth very quickly, already broken by his act. He pleads guilty to both charges endanger others. But the judge decides to pass sentence of “tragic and unfortunate incident”. Since then, the mother, for her part, has fought to raise awareness of this syndrome, which stole her two babies. “I had no idea so many babies died this way. I had never heard of this syndrome before it happened. » She also adds “ I just didn’t think it could happen to us”.

Prevention and numbers

However, in the United States this still represents thirty baby deaths per year due to this syndrome. Thus, the case of Juan the father of the twins is not isolated. Although this is not comforting. But then the mother of the family decides to try to fight against this syndrome so that it happens as little as possible. Thus to prevent the syndrome. It is better to check and be aware with signs of fatigue, an oversight quickly occurs. You also have to make stick notes this way you will remember earlier what you had to do. And child, bags near your children what you bring to work, be it keys, a briefcase, a badge…

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