Wild camping at L’Aigle. In a car or motorhome, the City will fine you

The motorhome parking lot has 12 spaces ©Le Réveil Normand

The town of L’Aigle (Orne) has 1,360 parking spaces, including those along the road.

To park from night at L’Aigle, a parking lot are made available in the city, near the shops.

The convenient location is at 15 bis avenue du Mont St-Michel. It is a paying area with 12 parking spaces in connection with the Cdc of Pays de L’Aigle. The services offered amount to €3 (including electricity, drinking water, an industrial terminal, greywater disposal and toilet emptying) and parking, €7. The home page is under camera surveillance.

“A tolerance for motorhomes”

Road Act regulates the location. Motorhomes are allowed to park for 7 days max same place and must not be a nuisance or dangerous.

In addition to that, campers are responsible for a €35 fine for abusive parking.

In the city, the internal rules of L’Aigle originate March 5, 2018 regulates the parking of motorhomes. It states that “parking of motorhomes and motorhomes is prohibited on the municipal public area from 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.”

A ticket is approved for parked vehicles off site, to the height of €35 fine.

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However, Stephanie Lecomble, responsible for the municipal police, describes a wise laxity against motorhomes.

We have a tolerance for motorhomes parking in the free parking lots at night.

Stéphanie Lecomble, head of the municipal police

“Preventive rather than repressive”

We have already seen caravans parked in large car parks, but very often they ask the town hall for permission and they can park in the free car park right in front of the town hall.

Jean-Marie Goussin, Deputy Mayor

To summarize, if there is no noise pollution, unhealthiness, deterioration of nature, no reason to intervene.

Jean-Marie Goussin confirms. “We act more preventively than repressively”.

And with good reason, Stephanie Lecomble favorite analyze the situation before sanctioning. She warns. “There is always an explanation, we are trying to find out which one, as in the case of abusive parking. If we subsequently notice that the motorhome is present for 5 days, we will inform that a motorhome area is made available”.

The police officer lists what is punishable.

You cannot empty waste water in a car park, take water from a fire hydrant, illegal electrical connections.

Stéphanie Lecomble, head of the municipal police

Article R* 116-2 of the Road Network Act specifies a sanction of up to €1500, €3000 in case of a repeat offense and go as far as confiscating the vehicle.

The deputy mayor explains that “the illegal connection of electricity or consumption of drinking water from fire hydrants is considered theft, so a complaint has been lodged”.

I’ve been here 22 years, we’ve never had a problem with RVs, we try to be understanding.

Stéphanie Lecomble, head of the municipal police

However, it is important to remember that there is paid parking.

Can you camp in your car?

In France it is legally allowed to sleep in your car under certain conditions. Under threat of being punished for abusive parking (€35 fine). Be careful, some municipalities do not allow it (like Paris for example).

At L’Aigle, Stéphanie Lecomble and Jean-Marie Goussin agree on the subject.

We have never had a case of wild camping in the car. The only people who sleep in their car often have housing problems. In these cases, they are put in contact with the social services.

Stephanie Lecomble and Jean-Marie Goussin

There is no ban on camping in your car in the city, provided, in the same way as motorhomes,have respect for the environment. The paying motorhome area does not have access to other vehicles.

Some places are prohibited, vi cannot camp next to protected natural areas like the sycamore trees.

No right to stop on roads and paths, by the sea, less than 500 m from protected monuments and less than 200 m from forests or plantations.

For example, we will not see anyone parked for the night under the sycamore trees near St. Martin, St. Jean.

Jean-Marie Goussin, Deputy Mayor

National regulations

To sleep in a vehicle, it is recommended to park in truck parking lots, for trucks and free 24-hour parking lots.

When the place is found, on its website, Direct Assurance shows: no parking more than 24 hours, no items left outside of the vehicle and obey the law applicable at the parking lot.

Opt for blackout, opaque curtains at the risk of being penalized exhibitionism until €15,000 in fines and 1 year in prison.

The public service point in France states that in case of unreasonable parking (more than 7 days), you risk a fixed fine of €35, €75 if the payment period is exceeded until the vehicle is immobilized and impounded if you refuse to move.

In a car or motorhome, local regulations must be observed in all cases.

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