What are the necessary characteristics?

In France, consulting attracts more and more freelancers. INSEE shows, according to a statistical survey carried out in 2021, that almost 100,000 consultants are counted in the national territory. The latter carry out their independent business as their main activity. Being a consultant requires a few basic qualities in order to be able to carry out the tasks entrusted to the clients. So what is soft values to embody to begin counseling? What do customers expect from an independent consultant? Overview.

Benefit from salaried status while remaining independent

To be an independent consultant as desired

The desire to undertake must be the very driving force for an independent consultant. By starting on his own or with the help of a payroll transport company, he carries out his tasks in full independence on behalf of his clients.

Malt conducted a study in 2019 focusing on the primary motivations of independent consultants. The results are clear: 90% of the respondents chose to become consultants by choice and not by force. Furthermore, 89% of them have experienced paid work, and 88% do not want to return to this status in any way.

It is therefore a real incarnation and a deep desire to feel free at work. And it’s all the more accessible and valued today, with the operation of payroll portage, which provides self-employed workers with benefits while working on their own.

The feeling of listening

Being an independent consultant means knowing how to listen to clients’ needs and requirements. The feeling of listening is crucial. The human qualities of a freelancer must be expressed for various reasons. Consulting jobs are based on personal support and therefore essentially on people. Listening to your client means giving yourself every opportunity identify your problemsto absorb the very essence of its core business in order to offer it a suitable, tailored and authentic strategy.

The rigor of the organization

The independent consultant may be asked to work for several clients at once. It is especially in this that he must show rigor and a very thorough sense of organization. The freelancer must be able to move from one mission to another with efficiency and, above all, responsiveness. He must perform all his actions over a given time, respects his clients’ limitations, but also his own !

This organization is crucial, especially since his allowance is priced according to the estimated hours of work he intends to devote to the mission. Without organization, the self-employed risk spending more time than necessary on their contracts, and therefore lose money..

The consultant must also be strict. This job requires expertise and very detailed knowledge of your job. This is what often justifies higher prices, which therefore require unfailing professionalism.

“This is why payroll transport companies are real helpers for independent consultants who can concentrate on tasks with high added value, while we take care of all the administrative work. For their personal organization, it is a real asset and saves time. reveals one of Cegelem’s managers.

The sense of analysis

that counseling requires a strong sense of analysis. This is the very heart of this profession. A client company will request an independent or payroll transport consultant to analyze its activity. The professional must be able to do that define the customer company’s strengths and weaknesses, set up a complete strategy, analyze the first results, adjust accordingly. The consultant is able to make assumptions, forecasts, etc. This sense of analysis is an integral part of his professional competences. This is what companies expect needs an expert with his expert eyeto develop their business.

Good communication

The independent consultant is obliged to communicate with his client companies, but also the teams, the partners. This communication must be carried out perfectly, with diplomacy and respect.
The consultant must therefore continuously adapt to his interlocutor maintain working relationships and facilitate exchanges. This strength may seem obvious, but not everyone is necessarily a good communicator. To be, the consultant is fully aware of his qualities and his faults, of the way he likes to work, to take in information to achieve in performance. He is a professional who is educational, attentive, accessible, polite, in benevolence. He should not impose himself as the savior of companies, but as a quality guide who has a deep desire to help a service develop.

To be successful, a consultant must above all embody strong human values. Its business is based on ongoing support for companies, advice, knowledge sharing and dissemination of know-how. These characteristics consolidate the consultant’s professional competences. These human values ​​will also make the difference for client companies who prefer to call on an accessible, attentive and caring expert.

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