The BMW Group: Which car brands does it own?

The German manufacturer BMW is world famous for high-end cars and sports motorcycles of its historic brand. On the other hand, it is less known as a group, unlike Volkswagen or General Motors. However, the BMW Group has other prestigious and impressive brands in their respective segments. In addition, he continues to expand his influence in society.

BMW Group brands

Every BMW group brand is very popular among car enthusiasts all over the world. Only, they don’t always know that it is the property of the Bavarian industrialist. Available MINIs continue to dwindle due to public enthusiasm for the manufacturer’s signature. They are just as powerful and refined as the brand’s propeller models.

As a group, BMW is little known compared to the Stellantis fog (15 brands) and the popular Volkswagen brand (12 brands). It is also less talked about than the Renault-Nissan alliance (7 brands). The group nevertheless produces vehicles that are recognized by enthusiasts and professionals in the automotive industry. In addition, it owns emblematic brands in the same way as BMW, such as MINI, Rolls-Royce and soon Alpina.


This brand from the BMW group needs no introduction. She actually gave her name tocompany Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW AG). The name can be translated as Bavarian motor factory or factory. It refers to the headquarters and the original activity of the manufacturer as a manufacturer of aircraft engines. In addition, the brand’s logo consists of a rotating propeller and the colors of Bavaria.

As a brand, BMW positions itself in the premium segment with models that combine luxury and sportiness. The engine is fundamentally sporty, while the finish is clearly at the top of the range. Since 1916, the manufacturer has continuously perfected this formula. It currently offers a host of exceptional, high-performance, durable, comfortable and luxurious cars.

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Mini Cooper

From the 1960s is Mini Cooper is a model particularly appreciated for its unique design and ultra-compact body. It thus gave birth to a full-fledged car manufacturer in 1969. The manufacturer was based in Oxford (England) before being taken over by the BMW Group in 2000. Since then, the brand has been transferred to Munich and adopted the new generation MINI font.

MINIs are among the best sellers on specialist websites such as BYmyCAR. These cars have actually retained the distinctive lines of the original Mini while adding a touch of modernity. The Bavarian manufacturer has also brought its historic signature to the engine and finish. The result is impressive on series such as the MINI Countryman, Paceman or Clubman.

Mini Cooper
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Rolls Royce

Rolls-Royce is so far little known as a brand within the BMW Group. It remains the epitome of British luxury in the automotive industry. Since its creation, the manufacturer has positioned itself in the very advanced segment. He also claimed the typical English style, from the bodywork to the smallest details of the interior. That said, the brand has been owned by BMW since 1998.

The original manufacturer appeared in 1904 near the Goodwood circuit in West Sussex. He stood out for his high-performance vehicles and luxurious finishes. That Rolls Royce is also distinguished by their radiator grille covered with the Spirit of Ecstasy emblem. This visual identity is timeless and easily recognizable to the general public.

Rolls Royce
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Alpina soon at BMW?

Alpina and BMW have a long-standing relationship similar to AMG and Mercedes. In fact, Alpina has been a preparer of the Bavarian manufacturer since 1965. The brand quickly became known in the 1970s thanks to the performance of its vehicles. Several successes in the competition have also contributed to the recognition of the quality of his intervention. The coach became a real constructor in 1983. Despite its new status, Alpina continued to work closely with the Munich group.

The brand’s vehicles generally originate from the BMW range. In addition, they are sold through the distribution network of its partner in the first years. However, the former preparer is illustrated by the significant improvements made to the mechanics, aerodynamics and finish of these models. Its cars are also produced in limited series. At the beginning of 2022, BMW announced the end of this dynamic after signing a Alpina acquisition agreement effective in 2026.

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