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In this project, the Chinese manufacturer China Academy of Space Technology (CAST) uses hotspots. When the solar energy is converted into electricity, it is converted into microwaves. The sunlight is strongest outside the atmosphere and shines all day. Subsequently, the microwave energy must be transmitted and received by the antenna located in space or on the surface of the earth. The microwaves are thus converted into electricity. Then we get clean and renewable energy. The first tests carried out this month proved to be conclusive according to the team 100 researchers who are working on this project.

For them, the main challenge is to minimize energy loss when changing different forms of energy, CGTN describes. Thus, the researchers focused on the lens that collects the light. But the work was not so easy, because in order to transport 200 kg antennas, the mission leader had to call in many students. But the game was worth the light when the first decisive tests were revealed on June 5, three years in advance.

Large commercial center in 2050?

According to CAST engineers, an experiment of high-voltage transmission in space and wireless power transfer may be possible in orbit around the Earth by 2028. The satellite may be able to produce 10 kilowatts and carry a quarter of the networks of solar cells. By 2030, they even hope to produce 100 kilowatts. And the long-term goal (2050) is to build a huge commercial solar power plant capable of generating two gigawatts of electricity with an antenna about a kilometer long and a cellular network in space. A long-term job.

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Renewable energy still has many surprises in store!!!


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China manages to transmit solar energy to Earth from space

China has developed a space solar power plant capable of transmitting electricity from solar energy to Earth or powering satellites into orbit, CGTN reports on June 22. The first tests are crucial.

This is an impressive advance in solar energy. China is building a power plant in space to capture even sharper sunlight outside the atmosphere. This project known as Zhuri was invented by a team of researchers from Xidian University. In total, more than 100 researchers and students are involved in this invention.

In this facility, the sun’s energy will be converted into electricity and then into microwave rays. The biggest challenge is to minimize energy loss during conversions. The microwave beams are then sent to Earth through a receiver, where they are converted into clean, renewable energy. According to estimates, this project should see the light of day in 2028.

This invention overcomes the main problem of harvesting solar energy: darkness.

Other countries such as France, Great Britain, India, Russia and Japan are also researching to send their own solar station into space.

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