Lending your car to a friend can be very (very) expensive!

In the summer, many French people borrow their loved one’s car to go on holiday. Which can be handy, especially if you don’t use the vehicle in question a lot. However, be careful not to entrust it to just anyone. In fact, he lent his car to a friend pose risks. This is what we will see in this article.

It is legal to borrow your car

Many French people cannot afford a car. It is a fact. This is of course explained by the budget and the standard of living. To remedy this, some decide toborrow their loved one’s car. It is all the more relevant because we are in the summer period.

Often the owners of the car accept because they know the person and they trust him. Moreover, it may even be your case. If so, we can only warn you. In fact, be aware that it can lend your car to a relative or friend repay you.

However, it should be noted that this action is completely legal. Neither the Highway Code, let alone insurance, sanctions the fact that you lend your car to a friend. But by doing so, you are committing yourself. Reason why you always have to use your brain before making this decision.

Owner’s responsibility

As we said, you lent your car to a relative corresponds to committing. Even if another driver is behind the wheel, the responsibility always lies with the owner of the car. At least that’s what Le Progrès says.

“If the driver flashes a radar, the fine will be addressed to the known owner of the vehicle at the address indicated on the gray card. It is up to the owner of the vehicle to prove that he was not driving at the time. He will have to submit a request for exemption,” our colleagues wrote in an article published in March 2020.

In other words, if your friend has violated the traffic law, it is you who will be exposed fines, penalties and deduction of points. It’s not the worst yet. Imagine if the person behind the wheel has an accident that causes injury or death, you will be held responsible.

This will happen in any case if the insurance agreement does not mention the loan of the car. Otherwise, you can blow. To avoid this kind of inconvenience, we advise you check some things before you borrow your car.

What should you do before borrowing your car?

Sometimes thinking of the worst helps to avoid problems. When a friend asks you to lend him your car, take care of several things. The first is Driver’s license. You will actually be very annoyed if the authorities discover that you have entrusted your vehicle to an unauthorized person.

The second is the insurance agreement. You must ensure in advance that the loan of your car is approved by the contract. In most cases there is conditions that must be met for the car loan.

Still, if it is not mentioned in a clause, all is not lost. You always can “ask your insurance company to add [l’identité du proche en question, NDLR] to your contract by creating an addendum”.

“It is possible that the insurance company will ask you for financial compensation,” specifies the government’s website.

Moreover, you have a wide selection of clauses. Among them : Unlimited car loan and Car loan with excess deductible. Note that for the latter, your deductible will be higher if an injury occurs.

You can also choose the supplement Car loans to third parties. Of course, this does not apply to beginners. In short, all this will be well detailed the general conditions of the contract.

In conclusion, we would like to draw your attention to one important thing about papers. Don’t forget that give them to the person who you lend your car to. In addition to the papers relating to the vehicle, you must give him the insurance certificate. By following these tips, you won’t be in trouble.

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