Family Business on Netflix: “Season 2 is up to it, and even longer!” – News series on TV

AlloCiné discussed Season 2 of Family Business, available on Netflix since September 11, with some of the show’s cast.

AlloCiné: Family Business was a huge success in Season 1. Did you expect it?

Julia Piaton: We don’t necessarily expect something like that. I remember when we did the preview, there was a lot of laughter in the room. You tell yourself that there is something that really requires.

Louise Coldefy: I dreamed about it. Because I thought the script was great.

Gerard Darmon: I will not be modest and I will say that it is not called a neat success, it is called a triumph. A box ! And I’m very happy, because I don’t do that many series and it’s rare that it happens. For me it was unexpected, I thought that this series would please, but not that there would be a national and international dimension.

Jonathan Cohen: We loved the series, but you never know if we’ll be successful. The response was incredible. There were record-breaking ratings in the first week. It’s crazy to be a part of it and we want the same for Season 2.

Exactly what can we expect from this season 2?

Louise Coldefy: Even more success! I find it more surprising than the first.

Julia Piaton: Even though I shot it and know the sources, I absolutely loved it when I watched it. I find her super funny.

Gerard Darmon: She is up to it and even beyond. The writers did not fall into the traps of “over-scripting”. A season 2 is always difficult. We know the characters, there is no notion of discovery and surprise. I think the characters develop really well. She is also more human in relationships.

Jonathan Cohen: In the season my character put them in the business, in season 2 he is the one who wants them out. He feels that the danger is getting bigger and bigger. He will put small lists in place to convince them, this is the new axis of the season. There is a lot of karate in season 2, I hope martial arts lovers will notice. There will also be paintball, for those who love art (laughs).

And perhaps guests of the same style as Enrico Macias or Valérie Damidot?

Jonathan Cohen: We don’t really have the right to say it, but there’s Jean Luc Reichmann! (laughing)

Gerard Darmon: I loved playing with Pujadas. Great acting. His presence is huge (laughs).

Louise Coldefy: (laughs) Enrico is part of the family, so yes, there are other people…

Julia Piaton: New characters coming in Season 2… good heads!

What are the ingredients of a comedy with Igor Gotesman sauce to you?

Louise Coldefy: It takes a family, whether real or made up of “friends”. The characters must be normal people who find themselves in extraordinary situations. They have to learn to get out of it.

Julia Piaton: Normal people who find themselves in situations that will surpass them. The concept of family is fundamental. This background of weed and business creates a lot of extraordinary events. But what he is really saying is the reports maintained by the members of this family. How it holds up when everything is at stake. There is a sentimental side, I think.


Louise’s character is funny. Julia, how would you describe her in real life?

Julia Piaton: She is the opposite! She’s funny, but she’s a lot calmer in real life! You can talk to him normally (laughs). Louise is a hard worker, I am super impressed with what she does in the series. It is very difficult to come up with such crazy … and vulgar things. But precisely with her it is never vulgar. It just becomes a character we love. Everything is accepted because she does it with imagination, madness and pleasure. We can see that she is enjoying herself.

Three words to describe this season 2?

Louise Coldefy: Crazy, surprising and full of love.

Julia Piaton: Work, family and madness!

Statements collected on September 2nd and 4th (in duet).

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