Cult of the Lamb: the revolutionary Twitch extension that turns viewers into followers!

Game news Cult of the Lamb: the revolutionary Twitch extension that turns viewers into followers!

Cult of the Lamb is finally out on all current machines, and it promises to be a particularly fun game to stream! An application directly integrated into the game and the Twitch platform makes it possible to involve the viewers like never before. We will explain everything to you.

It was awaited by a large number of rogue-lite fans, but also by all lovers of cute games and management games, Cult of the Lamb was finally released today on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch! The opportunity to create the cult you’ve always dreamed of (don’t deny it, we know you) and share your experience with the world by playing live on Twitch. In fact, if you are a streamer, or even prefer to be on the other side of the screen and regularly watch live players, Developer Digital and Massive Monster have you covered. An extension directly integrated into the game and Twitch makes it possible to involve the viewers in a particularly impressive way. Despite the game just being released, this feature is already a hit.


  • Already a cult game?
  • Develop a cult of personality
  • Counts sheep

Already a cult game?

In Cult of the Lamb, you play a cute little lamb destined to be sacrificed by four prelates. From the start of the game, however, you are saved by a superior being who entrusts you with the terrible Red Crown, on one condition: to create a cult in his name. You will therefore have to go through randomly generated dungeons in search of new recruits, whose lives will now be dedicated to the worship of your person.

If the game had already caught the eyes of many people from the first videos thanks to a particularly polished aesthetic mixing cuteness and completely creepy atmospheres, like a bastard child of Animal Crossing and Happy Tree Friends, its many features didn’t take long to convince us. Rated 17/20 in our columns, the game offers a really brilliant mix of action and management that makes it completely addictive and perfect to play on stream. Take effect, each of the followers found on the way can be completely personalized and renamed, enough to amuse many viewers who would dream of becoming part of the cult of their favorite streamers. That’s good, as a whole host of community features have been directly integrated into the game, making it hella fun to make or watch on Twitch.

Develop a cult of personality

Cult of the Lamb: the revolutionary Twitch extension that turns viewers into followers!

By playing Cult of the Lamb on Twitch, the streamer can choose to use an extension directly integrated into the game. To do this, he just has to activate it via the pause menu. By doing so, he will then allow all his viewers to participate in his game in many different ways. Will they make his life hell, or on the contrary help him create the most powerful cult on the planet? The choice is theirs, and risks giving rise to interactions as fun as they are chaotic.

During the rogue-lite phase of the game, as the streamer roams a randomly generated dungeon in search of new followers or new material, viewers will be able to regularly intervene without ever having to pause the action. They will have the opportunity to vote by clicking on options to intervene positively or negatively. Once this vote is passed, someone else will step in to specify this choice. For example, if viewers voted for a negative intervention, they can then decide whether it will take the form of instant damage, the appearance of waves of particularly dangerous enemies, or double the amount of damage that the next opponents will do. .

Cult of the Lamb: the revolutionary Twitch extension that turns viewers into followers!Cult of the Lamb: the revolutionary Twitch extension that turns viewers into followers!

These kinds of voices appear in the form of buttons directly integrated into the stream screen and will be available to all viewers completely free of charge. If the voices already existed on Twitch before, they often asked the streamer to pause the action while they prepared it, and were limited to choices they could have made on their own without the help of their community. Thanks to Cult of the Lamb, a whole new way to play with your community is introducing itself to the streaming world.

Also note that the functions integrated into the game do not stop at the rogue-lite part, and are of course also present in the management part. For example, each new follower can be created by a member of the community, who will have been selected by lottery, all again directly integrated into the game and Twitch without the slightest pause. Viewers will also all be able to participate in the development of the streamer’s sect by donating chain points and turning them into faith points needed to improve structures and the character in the game.

Counts sheep

Cult of the Lamb: the revolutionary Twitch extension that turns viewers into followers!

While the game has just been released, Devolver Digital is already welcoming the integration of this feature and its dazzling success. In a tweet dated August 5, long before the release of Cult of the Lamb, they already presented this feature in a video showing the reaction of the few streamers who had the chance to test it beforehand:

But it’s only today Clara Siacommunications manager at Devolver Digital, wanted to share some numbers about the use of this new feature. In particular, it reveals that more than 6,000 Twitch channels are already using the application integrated into Cult of the Lamb and that 44,000 viewers have already used it live, to create a total of almost 1,000 followers directly via chat. She also concludes by revealing that the cat has already chosen 48 times to make all the followers of their favorite streamers vomit or defecate, one of the interactions possible thanks to the integrated application.

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