What are the best connected car accessories?

best connected car accessories

Technical accessories make it easier and easier to carry out many daily tasks. Moreover, with the advent of the Internet, the trend is clearly oriented towards connected objects. They are used everywhere and gradually become part of everyday habits.

For example, it is now possible to use connected objects in the car. They are especially useful to have vehicle information and traffic in real time. These gadgets are also meant to make car journeys more comfortable.

Experience excellence connected accessories to connect with its the automotive industry !

Gadgets must have proof in case of vandalism or accident

gadgets to have proof in case of vandalism
gadgets to have proof in case of vandalism

Cameras are one of the most used connected objects in a car. It is also very trendy to have it on board your car. Besides the rear camera which is already classic and mounted almost systematically on all cars, today we distinguish between connected cameras which can be placed in the vehicle or in front.

This is the camera Camboard Dashcam which allows you to record your car journeys while on the go. The images it captures can serve as evidence in the event of, for example, an accident. They make it possible to better place responsibility.

You can actually use it to quickly convince the insurance to collect the premiums for repairing any damage to the car. The connected Dashcam also allows you to secure the vehicle when they are parked.

It registers acts of vandalism and it is then possible to file a claim for compensation and damages. In addition, this allows the camerasave the landscape throughout his journey. We can therefore preserve beautiful memories of his travels.

Connected items to make valuable savings in the car

There are various connected gadgets with which it is possible to make valuable savings. This is the case dust e.g. It is one of the most popular technological accessories at the moment. It actually is one smart box which connects to the car’s OBD port and sends data to the smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

However, it is important to install the application dedicated to its operation on your phone. Various factors are taken into consideration for the gadget to advise you ideal driving speed to consume as little fuel as possible. These are for example:

  • The routes taken;
  • The circulation;
  • Room temperature;
  • Tire pressure etc.

Taking all this into account, dust is able to specify the speed to be driven at. It also provides information on whether air conditioning is needed or not. With this technological gadget, you will be able to make up for 30% savings on fuel consumption.

In addition, this accessory makes it possible to carry out the diagnosis of the car. You will thus be able to be informed about the parts in poor condition, the operation of which damages the engine.

Car accessories to make phone calls easier

For professional or personal purposes, it is sometimes impossible to postpone a phone call. However, holding your phone in your hand or near your ear and even making a call with a headset is prohibited.

Faced with this, you can use a connected gadget to make calls with complete peace of mind and complete security. This Hands free is connected to the smartphone with Bluetooth technology. It is possible to connect two devices to it at the same time.

So you can make calls from your work phone and your personal phone. With voice control, you don’t need to press anything to make or answer a call. Its battery has an autonomy that goes beyond 12 hours.

car accessories to make phone calls easier
car accessories to make phone calls easier

You can also adopt Alexa-enabled charger. It plugs into the car’s cigarette lighter and has two USB ports to charge your phones. In addition, Alexa technology also allows you to:

  • Make or receive calls;
  • Stream music from your phone;
  • Remotely control other devices, etc.

The Alexa-compatible charger also has voice control that makes it easy to use.

Strengthen security with connected objects

Connected car accessories also allow you to be more secure. With the box Xee Connect for example, you can be informed about the “state of health” of your vehicle without going through a garage. Connected to the smartphone, it sends a complete overview in real time Informationas :

  • The fuel level;
  • Locking the doors;
  • Turn on the headlights;
  • Malfunction of an engine part.

Also the smart screen ZUS allows for real-time control of tire pressure . This technology provides more safety, as incorrect tire pressure leads to overuse and poor functioning of the braking system. ZUS also has a system of theft protectionand a USB port for charging other devices.

Finally the connected steering wheel smart wheel prevents smartphone use while driving. Knowing the number of accidents caused by the use of phones while driving, it is of real interest to install this gadget.

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