The life in brackets of Simon, hit by a car in Saint-Hilaire a year ago

On 22 April 2021, Simon, 15, was hit by a car while cycling on the D962, which connects Avesnes-sur-Helpe with Maroilles. A teenager erupted mid-flight and the lives of his loved ones were put on hold ever since. Together they talk about the last months, which consist of anxiety and sleepless nights, but also of pride and optimism.

They are smiles frozen on glossy paper, which are spread out on a wall in the living room, under a row of stuffed animals. From his hospital bed, Simon caresses them with his gaze. His friends, his sister Ambre, his parents. Who strives with extreme care to lift his body to sit in a wheelchair. The mechanics are well run. She makes the teenager smile, a handsome and tall guy with a bruised body for whom ” that
The earth has stopped spinning on 22 April 2021.

The teenager, who was passionate about cycling, dreamed of being a stuntman before his accident.

His life with Simon was friends, excursions and cycling “, smiles his mother. She speaks in the past tense. Because since the evening when his son on his two-wheeler was run over by a car on the D962, the whole family’s everyday life has changed. ” We were under curfewCeline remembers. Simon was late. It didn’t look like him. » She will never forget the feeling of dizziness, as if her whole body had just gone numb, when a neighbor present at the scene called her.He told me: Something happened to your son. I wouldn’t believe it. »

Six weeks in a coma

Jean-François immediately understands that the situation is serious. When he arrives, Simon is already in the hands of firefighters, unconscious. His condition requires a transfer by helicopter to Lille Hospital Center. ” Broken everywhere “, he is thrown into an artificial coma. ” After three days the doctors told us there was no hope. » The terrible anxiety is mixed with the incessant coming and going of Avesnois, lack of empathy on the part of some, the visits reduced to an hour and one person a day, obliges Covid. Céline’s teeth are loose, she is losing her hair, worry rooted in her body.

Simon spent six weeks in an induced coma.
Simon spent six weeks in an induced coma.

At the mention of this memory, Simon lowers his head. whisper a” sorry barely audible to the attention of his father, who immediately squeezes his arm. ” You don’t have to apologize bunny, it was an accident. Besides, you’re the one cheering us up now! A sad smile forms on the youthful face. From this cursed day in April, the soon-to-be 17th birthday has no memory.He doesn’t speakresumes Céline. When he awoke six weeks later, epileptic and autonomic seizures were contorting his body. He had to have surgery. »

Getting up, step by step

So many battles that Simon faces with bravery. ” It’s a fightersays Jean-François proudly. He was always gifted in everything he did. Before the accident, he did a lot of sports. He even dreamed of being a stuntman. A future put on hold, in the same way as studies. After long months off, Jean-François has returned to work. Céline, she took parental leave, which allows her to be present every day with her son. Just a year ago, theirs little warrior entered a rehabilitation center in Villeneuve d’Ascq.

When he is not at the rehabilitation centre, Simon is at home in Boulogne-sur-Helpe, surrounded by his parents and his sister.
When he is not at the rehabilitation centre, Simon is at home in Boulogne-sur-Helpe, surrounded by his parents and his sister.

With his good humor and steely morals, Simon quickly rises to the scene of ” Pet “. Until two months ago, he was unable to move his left leg. Since then, a harness, an exoskeleton and a good deal of persistence have allowed him to take a few steps upright.Before, like all teenagers, he didn’t like to be touchedlaughs Céline. But he has matured so much. Today he is much closer to us. We change it, we wash it. Many say we are brave, but for us it is normal. »

Simon smiles. With his fingers he counts and whispers the names of the friends who come to see him. Louis, Enzo, Charles, Tom, Lucas…” In all this ordeal we also found a lot of humanity., recognizes Jean-François. Simon, he knows there is still a long way to go. But in everyday life, where the future now takes shape day by day, he knows that he can count on the support of those close to him. So he hangs on and quietly dreams of friends, excursions and cycling. Just like before.

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