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Head towards Cité-clabousse in the splash region, a thriving area that will house the main activities of our Inkling friends. The basic principle obviously remains identical to the one born on the Wii U, as illustrated by the now familiar Territory War mode: to pocket a victory after three minutes of play, you must have ground as much land as possible under the nose of ​​the four opponents. The ink in your camp allows you to move faster while allowing special moves like the Octopus Wave, to scale a wall in one go, or the Octopus Twist, which has the ability to send quite a bit of opposing paint.

Arenas and Arsenal

12 rotating arenas are planned when the game launches, some new, such as Banlieue Balicot, Casse Rascasse, Réservor Rigadelle or Marché Grefin, others from the Chromapolis region, such as Galeries Guppy with their rotating walls, the Pont Esturgeon connecting the two regions, or Club Ca$halot, where the platforms are submerged. Logically, we will have to rely on free updates after launch to expand the number of game areas. A Guide mode allows you to freely roam each arena to learn the lay of the land and study the firing lines.

On the arsenal side, all the basic weapons from the previous two parts will be available, not forgetting Piercers and, new, Eclatanas. Katanas, which therefore send ink sprays at more or less long range depending on the charge time; the charged attack makes up for its slowness with its melee effectiveness. It will also be necessary to count on the special weapons that can be activated after filling the team gauge, such as Districool, a large refrigerator that offers drinks synonymous withupgrades. And since there are 4 in each fridge, you might as well share them with your teammates. Sonar Paf emits waves around it, marking the position of opponents and players are forced to jump to avoid its radius of action. Finally, Cavalsquale is a classic rush that requires a certain amount of activation time before it can charge into the opponent. The Multi Missile, Chromo Beam, Ink Rain, Ultra Stamper and Jolizator will return to multiply the combos once connected to the main weapons.

It will be necessary to earn the weapon variants by using the cartridge patents obtained by grinding the season pass, a large experience, typical of service games, which is increased by collecting games and experience points, or by regularly using its favorite weapon in the game. rewards await those who use their precious points. The game is also graced with many cosmetics, be it accessories at the Eaux-de-forme store, clothes at the Vestarium store, and shoes at M.Coco, the owner of Pied Argile. No wonder, fringe benefits are associated with certain items (run faster, improve special moves), and an NPC – Tipik – is always present in a corner of the town hall to change abilities.

Game modes

It is again through the lobby that we will be able to access the different game modes: Solo and team anarchy battles, Zone defense, Risk expedition around a convoy, Mission Bazookarpe with his overpowered weapon for requisition or Clam Rain. If necessary, there is nothing to prevent you from creating private parties by invitation. It is also through the lobby that you can put your new weapons to the test on the shooting range or materialize your game partners in the form of 3D holograms to watch them fight in real time in their own games. , and optionally join them or challenge them to a match. A replay option will also be present to revisit old encounters with typical options (fast forward, skipshift in perspective) and the ability to share them online.

Sharing is also an issue with an inevitable Photo mode, too spam your friends on social networks with pictures of your characters and even skins that can be customized thanks to items collected in the game or in the Coolypso store. Depending on the season, players will also be able to customize their Splatiquettes, anything that ultimately serves to give themselves a genre when online (banners, badges, titles, emotes, objects). Other social features are planned, such as the ability to publish drawings via a mailbox for those nostalgic for Miiverse. And it will also be necessary to count from the launch on a smartphone application with Splatnet 3, reserved for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, to have direct access to information and its battle history, order exclusive equipment, grab wallpapers or participate in Omar’s Odyssey . using anchor points.

Already at the heart of a previous presentation, the Salmon Run Next Wave PvE mode has been integrated to present ever more variants of the Salmonoboss, such as the Couverclard that creates a barrier to protect its minions while it threatens to crush you, or the Big Ball that sends projectiles from a distance as the waves of enemies continue to surge. On the Salmonarch side, the giant Salmotori must be machine-gunned using the egg cannons to finish before the time limit expires. Note that another Big Run mode in the city will explode several times a year, depending on the season.

Story, DLC and amiibo

The story mode promises not to change too much since Splatoon 2, with always this mix between platformers and TPS: from the well cover in the heart of the city, your spy number 3 will be able to infiltrate the territory of the Octars, accompanied by his sidekick Salmioche – which is a seemingly ideal opportunity to familiarize yourself with the various weapons. Since you’re here, you won’t miss the passage on the amiibo, to store your various weapon sets or add another Inkling to your shots. Rest assured, compulsive collectors, dedicated Splatoon 3 amiibo will be released this winter.

Finally, like any good gaming service – even if sold at a Premium price – it will need to rely on post-launch updates, with a catalog renewal staggered every three months for two years. For those thinking about competition first, Matches X / League Matches will be introduced later to cater to those who have achieved a high rank of increase. Team League matches will allow players to participate every two hours in matches based on the results achieved in Match Anarchy. And since the roadmap is obviously well-optimized, a large paid DLC will also be included, as was the case with Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion.

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