Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4: features, news, price

The Galaxy Z Flip 4, Samsung’s new foldable clamshell phone, takes the essentials from its predecessor, the Z Flip 3, including its very attractive design, but with several welcome improvements. The mark of maturity.

Wednesday 10 August at 15.00 Samsung organized Galaxy Unpacked, a large online conference to present the new products in its Galaxy series, and in particular its new foldable smartphones, the Galaxy Z Fold (the model that opens like a notebook) and the Galaxy Z Flip (the clamshell model). Fans of the brand eagerly awaited the details of the Galaxy Z Flip 4, which takes over from the Z Flip 3. It must be said that Samsung is alone in the folding smartphone market, which allows it to quietly improve its devices. year. Z Flip 4 is part of this policy and does not bring any real revolution. It is satisfied with some very nice improvements and corrects the main weakness of its predecessor: the autonomy of the battery.

Galaxy Z Flip 4: a design almost identical to the Z Flip 3

We should not expect major changes in the design. The one of the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is very similar to that of its predecessor, except that its matte coating stands out from the glossy finish of last year. While there are four “official” colors – rose gold, lavender, black and graphite – the smartphone is fully customizable thanks to the customized edition, which allows you to choose the color of the top and bottom panels as well as the color of the hinge – offering a wide selection with 75 possible combinations. After some improvements, which we will see in detail, the new smartphone weighs 187 grams – 4 grams more than the Z Flip 3 – and has thinner screen edges.

It has a 6.7-inch foldable LTPO 2.0 screen up to 120Hz in Full HD+ (2640 x 1080 pixels). The size of the secondary touchscreen – intended to see the time, weather or number of messages received – has been revised upwards with a 1.9-inch HD+ screen – compared to 1.83 inches for the Z Flip 3 – 260 x 512 pixels. It is also much more customizable and offers many shortcuts. For example, the user can create three contacts to make a quick call without having to unfold the phone. He can also easily reply to a message with an emoji, a short auto-reply or by dictating text. In short, the outer screen is fully utilized.

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Z Flip 4 is more resistant than its predecessor thanks to the now known Ultra Thin Glass technology and an Aluminum Armor frame. It supports at least 200,000 openings and benefits from IPX8 certification to protect it from water.

Galaxy Z Flip 4: a more durable battery

One of the weak points of the Z Flip 3 is undeniably its battery – it’s quite stressful not being sure your smartphone can hold it and having to find where to recharge it. Now the Z Flip 4 has a larger capacity battery, increasing to 3,700 mAh – up from 3,300 mAh before, a 12% increase in capacity. Its fast charging also goes from 15 to 25 W – but the charger is still not included. It is capable of going from 0 to 50% in about 30 minutes.

On the performance side, it is equipped with Qualcomm’s latest chip, the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, which is much less power-hungry than last year’s Snapdragon 888. Its RAM is 8 GB, and it has three different storage capacities to choose from when purchasing the smartphone: 128 GB , 256 GB and 512 GB.

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Galaxy Z Flip 4: a camera focused on social networks

On the side of the photo part, the front camera is located in a hole in the screen. It is equipped with a dual 12-megapixel sensor, identical to last year. Nevertheless, the wide angle goes up in range and offers larger photosites (1.8 µm vs. 1.4 µm). It has dual-pixel autofocus and captures more light than its predecessor. The other two sensors, ultra-wide angle and selfie, would retain their definition of 12 and 10 megapixels. The company promises that the more sensitive sensor produces 65% brighter images. On the selfie side, Samsung is again betting on a 10 megapixel camera.

Samsung wants to conquer the public with Flex Mode, that is, the use of the smartphone folded at 90 degrees, like a laptop. This novelty aims to allow you to film yourself without having to put the smartphone against a wall, as it stands on its own. It offers different viewpoints for images, used a bit like a camera. Simply partially open the Galaxy Z Flip 4 to activate the FlexCam and thus film videos or take photos from different angles while keeping your hands free to then share them on social networks. For Samsung has worked in collaboration with the Meta group – which owns Instagram, Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp – and has therefore optimized its smartphone for their social network. The Quick Shot mode on the external display has been improved and now allows you to take a selfie in portrait mode, or even start a video recording in the classic way and then switch to Flex Mode to continue shooting hands-free – a feature perfect for vloggers and other influencers.

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Galaxy Z Flip 4: release date and price

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 will go on sale from August 26, but is already available for pre-order on Samsung’s website. An option that allows you to obtain bonuses, such as a transparent shell on the Bespoke Edition and a year of Samsung Care + insurance, and 150 euros in bonus taken back on an old smartphone. Its price varies depending on the storage capacity chosen: 1,109 euros for 128 GB, 1,169 euros for 256 GB and 1,289 euros for 512 GB.

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