How to find the best coworking space in Bordeaux?

Where to find a coworking space in Bordeaux

To alleviate the difficulties associated with remote working, startups and independent professionals are increasingly using coworking. The phenomenon has multiplied in recent years, so that the coworking market in France has experienced a net increase of more than 80%.

But basically, what do we really know about this new alternative to working from home? Better, where do you find a good coworking space if you live in Bordeaux? And above all, what criteria must be followed in choosing the latter?

You will find answers to these questions by reading the text below.

First, what is coworking?

Coworking is a way of working that allows telecommuters and young companies to have an office for their activities. It is clear that it is meant to be a dedicated space where people working for different companies share the same premises in complete independence.

So let it be mounted at BordeauxNantes or Strasbourg, it can be found in the form :

  • Furnished cafe;
  • Classic desktop;
  • Or even micro spaces like an open space.

Whether you are an independent professional, a nomadic worker or a startup, these spaces represent the best alternative available to you.

So what benefits does it have?

It’s hard to talk about coworking without mentioning its benefits. The truth is that these spaces offer enormous privileges to users both professionally and personally. Proof, they represent a great opportunity for freelancers to break out of isolation and break the monotony of working from home.

On the professional level, it is an excellent opportunity to expand your network and benefit from a dynamic working community. Obviously, in addition to networking, working in coworking allows freelancers to establish clear barriers between their personal and professional lives. But not only. In terms of infrastructure, it gives them access to quality constructions with useful equipment such as :

  • Printers;
  • Video projectors;
  • The broadband connection;
  • Etc.

Whether you are self-employed or a young entrepreneur, coworking allows you to enjoy a smart space at a lower price. And that’s not all. The other good news is that it frees you from most administrative tasks and water and electricity bills. Enough to optimize your working time, right!

Where can you find a coworking space in Bordeaux?

Where to find a coworking space in Bordeaux
Where to find a coworking space in Bordeaux

When asked where to find a coworking space in Bordeaux, our answer is clear and unequivocal
. Like the big cities in France, there are also plenty of coworking offices in Bordeaux. To find the ones that best meet your expectations, you must first define your needs in terms of:

  • architectural style;
  • Services offered;
  • Location;
  • Area;
  • budget;
  • Interior design;
  • Etc.

This information gathered, you should then go in search of the space that best meets your requirements.. To optimize your research time, our advice is to inform yourself on the Internet. There are actually on the web today a wide variety of sites dedicated to the rental of coworking offices in Bordeaux.

To find the best deals, remember to refine your searches by filling in the fields provided according to the criteria defined above.. If you’re having trouble getting by, why not find out, for example, Hub-Grade? Doing so will save time and increase efficiency.

Finally, what criteria should you follow when choosing your coworking space in Bordeaux?

As mentioned above, coworking offices are booming in France. And the city of Bordeaux does not escape this reality. To find the one that best meets your expectations in terms of quality and service, you must rely on very specific criteria. In addition to price and rental terms, you must e.g.

Check the location

The location is the very first criterion you must pay attention to when choosing your coworking space. In the case of Bordeaux, you must therefore ensure that your coworking office is located:

  • In a dynamic place;
  • And attractive as the city center.

And that’s not all. If it is also located in a business district, not far from transport and basic services, you would have got a good deal. However, remember that it is only advantageous to choose a place close to your home if most of your customers live in the same area.

Research the work community

In essence, coworking is a collaboration space where a community of workers rub shoulders. In order to reap the maximum yield, it is therefore important to choose a favorable ecosystem.

In other words, if you are in technology, for example, “colleagues” from the same sector would be better able to help you:

  • Boost your motivation;
  • Find good practice;
  • Simplify your connection;
  • Etc.
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