Elden Ring: a streamer makes us discover the game like we’ve never seen it!

Game news Elden Ring: a streamer makes us discover the game like we’ve never seen it!

Ported in version 1.06 a few days ago, Elden Ring continues to be improved by From Software, which does not hesitate to rebalance its gameplay and track down the bugs found in the Underworld. But one streamer decided to go the opposite route to present the game to us as it was… before it was released.

Released on February 25th on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series, Elden Ring totally exceeded the expectations of From Software and Bandai Namco.

Elden Ring: a commercial success and a very active community

With more than 13.4 million copies sold in just over a month, the title has reached a far wider audience than the studio’s other productions, however well-known they may be. A success due to the marketing campaign that highlights participation of George RR Martin to the perception of the universe, to the establishment of a large open world more accessiblebut also thanks to good game qualities of the title, its music and word of mouth.

Currently favorite for the Game of the Year title, Elden Ring fascinates. It fascinates regulars of From Software games who want to dissect all the elements that make up the world and the story, neophytes, helped by the possibility to leave an area that is too difficult, or even by speedrunnerswho compete in ingenuity to set new records.

Dive into the heart of development thanks to a streamer

But Lance McDonald, explorer of many games (NieR Automata) and especially Elden Ring, decided to return and introduce your community to the game as it was BEFORE it was released. It is clear that the discovery of this version of the game could not be done without the integration of a free cameragives the opportunity to go everywhere and thus to see what is hidden under water, behind cave walls and generally in inaccessible areas for players. Often there is nothing to see, but it always is interesting to see what is hidden behind the scenes in the gameand perhaps some never-before-seen secrets will be unearthed.

I’m live on Twitch for something special, playing a pre-release version of Elden Ring (2 months before release!) with LOTS of unfinished stuff, different items, enemies, mechanics, character names, and debug camera mode. Let’s go.

In addition to seeing what lies “beyond the veil”, the idea of ​​exploring this non-commercialized version therefore to detect the changes made by the developers in terms of combat, objects changed, hidden or deleted since then, new weapons, revised and corrected mechanics or even changed characters. Total, a dive into the development of the Elden Ringbut also under the map, outside the dungeons and in the heart of the textures.

Since his stream started, Lance McDonald hasn’t hesitated pause the game and use the camera to dissect the executions or observe the 3D models very closely signs, sometimes unfinished. Even if nothing new comes out of this exploration, it is as entertaining as it is enlightening about how the development of the last weeks went.

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