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What is sports business?

Whether for entertainment or competitive activity,the sports industry all disciplines together are in good shape. Sponsors and TV channels record sports broadcasts at exorbitant prices. According to the American company AT Kearney, this represents the industry 620 billion dollars of annual expenditure worldwide if we include the sporting event (tickets, sponsorship, broadcasting rights and licensed products), structural equipment, textiles, accessories.

A healthy sector

According to Virgile Caillet, general delegate of the Union Sport & Cycle, the leading professional organization in the sports sector in France, ” that French sports market is in perfect health. It represents 37 billion euros, or almost 2% of gross domestic product (GDP). France has many assets with an old tradition of great international sporting eventsespecially around football (World Championship, Euro), and recurring events such as the Tour de France. French companies are present in all segments of the sports economy. They demonstrate recognized know-how and expertise in all areas of activity (sports equipment, infrastructure management, event organisation, etc.). That Rugby World Cup 2023 and Olympic and Paralympic Games 2024 must create a new energizing effect, assures Virgile Caillet. Work in the sports industry However, it is not only about exercising one’s talents in an internationally recognized sports club or being a player’s agent. It provides opportunities in companies, local communities, with young people and the older public. It is changing, professions even have to be created, especially around digitization. well form is essential to being a part of this universe. »

New new professions

The sport having become an industry like any other, today it needs professionals who are fully trained in the sector and who above all understand sports language. Recruiters – whether they are equipment manufacturers, sports clubs, but also banks involved in sponsoring sporting events – are looking for diplomas immediately operational. And those who have been trained in shifts will certainly have a card to play. The needs are therefore real. Furthermore, on the outlet side, new professions appears, like the hospitality manager for example, whose mission is to market sports arenas to provide an irreplaceable experience for VIP customers.

Bachelor, Master, business or special school… how do you train in sports business?

If a classic course at a regular business school could previously be enough to find a place in the world of sports, this type of course now seems to be increasingly challenged by certain training courses specialized in sports business, whose model is more and more effective. These courses recruit After the exam and this throughout France. ONE input to bac+2/+3 is also possible, with in many cases open routes tointernational. Admission to these schools is based on application and interview.
Other possible paths are the university, which offers certain courses in sports management and certain business schools, which often at the end of the course have created specializations addressed to the world of sports, such as the PPA Business School.

Exchange, a possible option in schools?

Whosethe exchange is not yet particularly widespread at the university, it is, on the contrary, under development at business schools and at schools specializing in sports management, such as APP Sports e.g. It must be said that the formula is ideal to be quickly integrated into this environment. Admission to these schools is based on application and interview.

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