The most popular foreign classic cars in France

Like the new or used market, the collector car market is largely dominated by French brands in France. But some foreign models still manage to hold their own, as a report from the insurance company Hiscox shows.


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What are the most collected foreign cars in France? This is what L’argus invites you to discover thanks to a report from the insurance company Hiscox using AAA DAta data.


In France, the Citroën 2CV is the most collected model. But the second position is not occupied by another French car. According to a report by the specialist insurance company based on AAA Data, it is the Volkswagen Beetle that occupies this second step on the podium. It is thus ahead of another very popular French production, the Renault 4. However, the “Cox” keeps a good distance from the mythical “deudeuche”, with only 8,209 copies registered in the gray card collection, when the Citroën has 23,136! The ranking only takes into account copies with this precious document, which are provided after the collection of a file at the French Federation of Vintage Vehicles (FFVE), and which are far from being systematically requested by legitimate owners. . The study also mentions in parallel the “collectible” models that could be eligible for this very certificate of registration, if steps are taken to obtain it. The number of 2CVs then increased to 85,988 units, as the Beetle topped with 16,031 units.

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An MG B still very present

Fourth place overall among the most collected models in France, and second place for foreign cars, goes to another archetype of the popular car, this time from the other side of the Alps: the Fiat 500. Like the 2CV , Beetle or R4, it enjoyed strong sales in its time and a long career. Add to that an image of pristine sympathy, maintained by neo-retro-like descendants, and it seems quite logical to find it so high on the rankings. On the other hand, it may already seem more surprising to discover the MG B GT in fifth place, and even third if we exclude French productions. Many have indeed forgotten that the sports coupés and roadsters offered by this British brand have had real commercial success in Europe and the United States. Especially since the manufacturer, after disappearing from us for many years, has now instead converted to electrified SUVs produced in China.

Chevrolet Corvette ahead of the 911!

The top 10 of the most collected foreign cars still has other surprises in store, such as the presence of the Chevrolet Corvette ahead of the Porsche 911. Although the German sports car is much more widespread in France than its American rival, its owners thus seem much less inclined to create a file with FFVE to change their gray card. Same topo for the Mini, a very popular model that we could have imagined much better classified. The buyers of the first generations of Volkswagen Golf don’t seem to be too confused to perform these steps either. But the possibility of driving without restrictions in certain Low Emission Zones (ZFE) could well encourage more and more people to do so in the coming years and thus completely shuffle the cards.

Volkswagen in the lead among foreign brands

As for the ranking of the most collected foreign brands, it is dominated by Volkswagen, ahead of Ford and MG. But the Hiscox report unfortunately does not provide the details. It is limited to indicating the percentage of the brand’s inventory that falls under the collection category. A figure logically much higher among manufacturers that have disappeared or been absent for a long time: this share thus rises to 36.3% at MG and 50% at Triumph, whereas it is only 0.9% at Volkswagen and even 0.4 % at Peugeot and Renault.

Position Feel Part of the park in gray map collection
1 volkswagen 0.9%
2 Ford 1%
3 MG 36.3%
4 Fiat 1%
5 mercedes 1.1%
6 Triumph 50%
7 Chevy 24.5%
8 Porsche 5.8%
9 Jaguar 8.5%
10 BMW 0.5%


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