What if you are considering renting a car from a private person?

Short-term car rental is a practice that is becoming more and more common in France. In fact, whether it is for a few days of vacation, in a big city like Paris, to help or just for fun, the offers are many on the Internet. In addition, rental sites like Roadstr offer cars for a unique experience: it can be a Tesla as well as a Porsche or just a Dacia for more general use.

What are the advantages of renting a car from a private person?

Although it is possible to rent a car from a professional in the sector, renting between individuals is becoming more and more common. The main advantage is certainly the most interesting: the prices are much lower. For example, it is possible to rent a Tesla for €80 per day, without having to pay extra costs for electric charging (we’ll come back to that).

Thus, even if the prices are attractive, another advantage weighs in the balance when making your choice: the availability of vehicles. By renting a car from a private person, you only need to obtain their validation and you can pick up the car as soon as the agreed meeting date is reached. Moreover, it is even possible to find a car on a Sunday or public holiday! Something that is difficult to do with a professional. Finally, the procedures for making a rental of this type are simplified: it only takes a few clicks, whereas with a professional you can wait a long time at the counter.

In short, if we were to summarize the advantages of such a rental:

  • Interesting prices (up to 35% cheaper than a rental professional),
  • Immediate and easy accessibility,
  • Insurance included in the rent,
  • Simplified procedures for renting (everything takes place online).

As you will have understood, everything is done to facilitate the rental of vehicles between individuals. What to easily embark on the adventure, especially since other facets of the rental must be considered…

Other aspects of peer-to-peer car rental

The Tesla (or electric car): the new way to rent a vehicle

The other aspect that is developing more and more is of course the electric car. Overall, this type of car is being sold more and more. It is therefore logical that there are more and more offers on the private rental market. Therefore, renting a Tesla for a day is no longer unthinkable : you can even easily find ads for less than €100 a day! This is the reason why more and more people start renting an electric car like the Tesla for a weekend.

While curiosity is essential in this type of rental, so is a unique driving quality that electric cars like Tesla offer. No noise (or almost), lively acceleration, driving pleasure… Everything has been thought of for an excellent weekend. Moreover, it is even possible to sleep in a Tesla… In short, although all electric cars do not offer the same services, it is a trend that is increasingly being implemented among car owners.

That is why you should also lease your vehicle

To go further, you might also be interested in car rental between individuals, but on the rental side! In fact, if you look closely, you’ll realize that the days you don’t use your car are quite a lot… Therefore, why not earn a little extra money every month by renting your car on the days it is available ? If you have any concerns about returning your vehicle, be aware that peer-to-peer rental platforms have insurance that covers the slightest scratch.

So if you’re ready to take the plunge, it only takes a few minutes to create a peer-to-peer car rental ad. Next ? All you have to do is wait for a tenant to show up to earn your first euros. Only thing to realize: the inventory of inventory at departure and then at the return of the vehicle: it makes it possible to avoid any bad surprise after the employment.

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