Mills. Bourbonnais Business Club, a club like no other

The Bourbonnais Business Club has about twenty local business leaders. Every other week they meet to cultivate their network, exchange business, but not only.

It’s economics, toothe human being” in value number 1. We spent an evening at the Bourbonnais Business Club, a club that brings together about twenty business leaders from Moulins: every two weeks they spend two hours exchanging skills, recommending talents, proposing services. Some will say “that they run a business“, but in reality the word is not really appropriate.

People, precious capital

It is much more than that: that evening, when we saw them laughing seriously, sometimes around a table, sometimes around an aperitif, we were happy to see that Covid had not killed what was essential in a society: the idea that together we are always stronger.

United around shared values, these business leaders had the foresight to believe that you have to bet on your neighbor to succeed. Obviously, life is give and take; and the more you give, the more you receive. One evening we also laughed a lot at Sébastien Lavilla’s jokes, we communicated a little for our newspaper and – when we came out – we said to ourselves that nothing would resist better than the good old business where we meet. , we talk to each other and we listen to each other.

Not like BNI

Anyone who wants to be on the “BBC” just needs to know how to knock on the right door. Enter only the person recommended or invited by a member. “But actually it’s actually quite simple to join, just contact a member“, nuances Pascal Chazalmartin, insurer and chairman of the club. In other words, all you have to do is dare to ask. Only limitation of the team, “we avoid integrating the same subjects in the group, otherwise it makes no sense“. Integration is conditional on a vote among all members. “We will now open up to other professions“. The BBC is looking to expand.

How it works?

The group consists of a core of followers who have all become friends. Together they decided a year ago to leave another club, BNI. “It was just a little too business and not human enough for us“, explains Pascal Chazalmartin. Compared to the BNI, which has become a huge national machine, the BBC has reduced the entrance fee to €500 a pay for the restaurateur and a little extra at the end – we’re not here to get numbers, we’re here to build together“. Obligation to attend. “When we commit, we commit, this is also an important value”.

The evenings are held once every two weeks, in the evening from Next meeting on 6 October, when the planned general meeting will be held. At each meeting, the group has its ritual. First, everyone represents themselves or presents something new. Then place to the guest. The group then exchange their recommendations before – a key moment – closing on “thanksAlways with this principle in mind, he who gives will receive.

It is often said that the good health of a local economy is recognized by its network of business leaders and above all by their willingness to work together. When you see them working together, you think Moulins has his lucky stars.

The members

Julie Moames (Chronos Interim), François Legrand (Novobati), Frédéric Levif (SARL Levif), Sébastien Desjours (Allier Cheminée), Bruno Merlin (Ets Merlin), Jean-Emmanuel Goujon (Ets Goujon-Lallemand), Renaud Bournat (Pierre&Chaux en Bourbonnais), Thomas Coussement (CHR Boisson), Isabelle Poillot (IP Conseil), Christine Ducelier (SARL Ducelier), Dominique Maurel (Joly informatics), Pascal Seguin (CIC), Laurent Mathieu (Cognet SAS), Soung-Ho Park (Architect ). indt), Christian Rousseau (SARL Noiselier-Rousseau), Sébastien Lavilla (CopieFax), Sébastien Cartelier (VVS-Security), Pierre Antoine (Caséo) and Pascal Chazalmartin (Gan).

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