Border workers in Luxembourg: Faced with the inconvenience of trains, they prefer to take the car

Border commuters have chosen to leave the train to make their journey between Lorraine and Luxembourg City. (©Ninon Oget/Actu Luxembourg)

Since the beginning of the summer, it has been complicated for cross-border commuters to travel by train between Lorraine and the capital Luxembourg.

And with good reason, the work required the establishment of replacement buses in July, before a correspondence in Bettembourg in August.

A real headache that has prompted some users to leave the train to get back behind the wheel of their car.

Works on replacement rails and “non-air conditioned” coaches.

This is the case with Jerome. Living in Metz, he has to reach the capital of Luxembourg daily for his work. A trip he preferred to take by train before the start of summer: “I didn’t take the train very much in July, me took my car more often or carpooling with a colleague.

A means of transport which was not necessarily easier because you had to park in a park and drive and then take a bus, but [c’est] More comfortable and less randomly during the journey”, he addsNews Luxembourg.

A choice that he also justifies with the ongoing works and the very hot weather: “I had seen on Twitter that the replacement buses were not not necessarily air-conditioned and that people were generally piled up in Bettembourg at the end of the day while waiting for the train”.

When asked if he is not worried about petrol prices, he simply answers “yes”: “I prefer to limit car trips, the price for a full brand more. But with the car you are not confronted with the whims of the SNCF and Luxembourg Railways (CFL). Like broken down trains or power failures”.

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“The car is the best option for me these days”

For her part, the full tank of fuel doesn’t worry Camille too much. Fortunately, no doubt, as she also decided to abandon the train to make her daily journey between Maizières-lès-Metz and Luxembourg city center (Monterey).

“In anticipation of the trains’ galley, I took sides back in the car since mid July”, she explains, before specifying that before that she took the train every day. A decision that may seem brave, but instead visibly pays off.

She explains that the car is ultimately a much less complicated means of transport: “It saves me having to go inside a crowded train in Maizières-lès-Metz, having to endure breakdowns, cancellations, delays and trouble in Bettembourg. Honestly, the car is the best option for me these days”.

A solution during the summer… but after?

The bet to take his car back seems to have been successful so far. But will they keep this practice thereafter?

In light of the railway problems that occurred on Monday, August 8, Jérôme is considering continuing the trip by car “to this weekat least “.

For her part, Camille is considering this solution in the longer term, viz until the end of August, minimum. “I’ll see in September, depending on the traffic on the road,” she explains.

The lack of safety on the road and the tranquility of the train

Conversely, Steven intends to continue taking the train to reach Luxembourg from Metz. Except on Saturdays, when he travels by car. But why not the rest of the week?

Security. The Metz-Luxembourg axis is a disaster: the number of people on the phone, people overtaking on the right, traffic jams… If I take the car, it’s only on Saturdays because I know the traffic is much smoother. [Et] the costs, my job doesn’t give me a company car, so it’s more interesting for me to have a rail pass for 90 euros a month than to put in 90 euros of gas a week.


Not to mention that for Steven has taken advantage of rest. “Although some train users too often forget how to live together and sometimes create some tensions, we can sleep, read, watch a series,” he explains.

But when the work period is over, he assures us that he will continue with it pick up your car on Saturday : “There are too many interruptions on Saturdays outside the main working period: there are not enough trains and it only takes a delay or a cancellation, and it is a hassle to go to work or come home in the evening”.

“There was enough to lose one’s mind”

Unlike others, Steven was not disgusted by the train during the summer period.

“Overall, the bus rides were comfortable,” he says, before admitting that it was “rare” that replacement buses didn’t have air conditioning. In short, “the the rules varied from bus to bus and there was enough to lose one’s head”.

According to Steven, the biggest problem was “arriving at Bettembourg station in the morning and having no bus. When a full train drops so many users, it is the war to board the first bus that arrives.

A situation that should improve at the end of the summer, a period in which the line 90 (Nancy-Metz-Thionville-Luxembourg) should, according to the CFL, be able to rejoin the capital of the Grand Duke.

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