15 tips for organizing your office

A real work area, the office is one of the most used places in the house or apartment. But it must be at least organized so that we can work there calmly. Discover our 15 decorative ideas and tips to organize your office and store all your belongings.

A personal workplace. In a house or apartment, it is common to find an office with a computer and work supplies. In a separate roomin the living room or in a bedroom, this workplace can be used both by children and students for their studies and by adults for their work.

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Location of revisions or remote work, our office is an important piece of furniture for good productivity. And for that it is advisable to organize it a minimum for prevent our belongings from piling up and that the office does not become a big mess: pens without caps, work items placed on top of each other, crumpled sheets of paper waiting to be thrown away or even cupboards full of paper. Suffice it to say that it is difficult to navigate and work on it in good conditions.

To remedy all this, we offer 15 tips and tricks but also decorating ideas to organize your office. The goal: to make it a tidy and functional space where it is good to work on it. And as we can see on social networks like Pinterest, there is no shortage of ideas to organize and clean up your office. Make sorting piles, install shelves, arrange your belongings according to their functionality, buy a desk organizer, make a DIY mood board, place a photo frame on your desk; we have gone through all the tips and tricks that will be useful for you to arrange it in the best possible way. Follow the guide and find our step-by-step advice !

Decorative Step 1: Buy a design and functional desk

An office for telecommuting – © Usine Bureau

One of the main rooms in your workspace is undoubtedly the desk. There are different models of desks in furniture stores: very design and/or functional desks, desks in wood or metal, desks with different colors or plain, desks with drawers, shelves or without storage spaces, the selection is wide. On our side, we love the desk in natural wood and pure white. A design and elegant site that we love!

Decoration step 2: Keep only the necessary papers

Sorting papers – © iStock

The first important thing to do to organize your office: sort the papers. To avoid accumulation of important and useless papers, make two sorting piles. In the first, you must put all the important documents for your studies or your work. In the second, put any scraps or other scribbled documents that you no longer need. When your sorting is done, throw all the unnecessary documents in the trash and keep the other pile aside.

Decorating Step 3: Buy storage for your paper items

Archiving your documents – © iStock

Once you have sorted the documents to be kept, put them away. To do this, consider investing in office equipment: binders, folders, dividers. Save all these documents according to their status. You can also buy plastic paper storage or wooden sorters. In addition to classifying your documents, they will bring color to your desktop. And for you to find storage for all your belongings, our trick is to stick stickers with icons.

Decorative step 4: Install storage modules for your belongings

Office cabinet (Home 24), price: €349.99

If your desk doesn’t have built-in drawers, think about installing storage. For this, you need to bet on storage modules. They are essential for storing all office supplies and accessories that are useful on a daily basis and can take up space. Plinth on wheels, adapted furniture or cabinet, it is up to you to choose the furniture that best suits your workplace.

Deco step 5: Install shelves

3-level wall-mounted office shelf (Maisons du monde), price: €359

This is a trick that applies to any room in the house, bedrooms, living rooms, offices or even kitchens. To avoid messing with furniture and at the same time optimize the space for installing storage spaces, install shelves. The ideal place to deposit documents used daily, storage boxes, office accessories or even decorative items.

Decoration Step 6: Buy a trash can and a paper shredder

Hook bucket (La Redoute), price: €25.95

For optimal organization of your office, plan to get rid of documents. To do this, install a trash can under or next to your desk. If you can’t see yourself throwing away certain confidential documents, such as bank or identity papers, invest in a shredder.

Decorating Step 7: Keep functional office supplies

Pencils and pens – © iStock

If you use pens or pencils for work, you should therefore always have some available. But no need to have 12 pencils and 150 four-color pens, as if you were in offices with more than a hundred employees. At home, we settle for the minimum. So sort through that pile of pens and pencils you’ve been piling up for years and throw out the ones that no longer work. All you have to do is buy the ones you need.

Deco step 8: Store your pens in pencil holders

Wooden 3D pencil holder (Etsy), price: €20

To keep all your necessary pens and pencils at hand, it is worth storing them. We advise you to buy beautiful pencil pots to be able to classify them: one pot for pens, another for highlighters or for colored pencils.

Decorating Step 9: Buy a desk organizer

Multifunctional desk storage (Amazon), price: €17.99

To store the other essential office accessories and supplies for any person (tape, scissors, scissors, stapler, post-it, etc.), nothing better than investing in a desk organizer. Made of wood, plastic or metal; you will find different styles on merchant websites.

Decoration Step 10: Set up your desk in a lit room

A desk in a bright room – © La Redoute

When decorating your office or moving it, think carefully about the light. Ideally, place it next to a window that allows access to natural light. But be careful, no light comes from behind. We avoid all annoying reflections.

Decoration step 11: Buy a table lamp

Scandinavian bedside lamp (Lumiart), price: €59.90

If you are one of those who revise lessons or work on projects at night, you definitely need a desk lamp. And the models and colors are not missing from grocery stores. The hardest part is choosing!

Decorative Step 12: Install indoor plants near your desk

Indoor plants – © iStock

To brighten up your workspace, or even your room, don’t hesitate to invest in green indoor plants. In addition to bringing color and life to this space, some indoor plants have beneficial effects on our health: anti-stress, de-polluting, anti-humidity; we love to increase productivity without hesitation.

Decoration step 13: Personalize your desktop with photo frames

Design photo holder with photos (Smart photo), price: €14.99

To add a touch of personal decoration to your newly organized office, you can decorate it with photo frames. You are free to choose the image or images you want to see each day.

Decoration Step 14: Install a DIY mood board on the wall

Decorations on the office wall – © Noholita

To decorate the wall, just above your desk, there is nothing better than installing an artwork. Photo, painting, advertising poster, drawing; you can hang a picture above your desk to brighten up the workspace even more. And for those with a DIY side, you can also make a DIY mood board to hang on the wall. The possibility to put pictures, post-its with important information, the code for the wifi box, etc.

Decorating step 15: Invest in an office chair

Office chair (MEN), price: €94.99

Finally, last tip, the office chair. With the increased time spent working remotely, and as more and more French people find themselves in this situation, you need a good quality chair. The goal: to avoid back problems and thus health problems. But be careful, don’t rush to buy just any office chair. You have to try it on in the store. Forget internet shopping. There are some with leather or fabric upholstery, and for all budgets.

Thanks to this step-by-step guide, you now have all the ideas, decorating tips and advice you need to organize your office! And you will see, by following each step mentioned in this article, you will not want to leave your office chair because you will feel so comfortable in your organized workspace. And who says fulfillment in their workplacesaid increased productivity. It would be a shame to miss it.

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