MoonDAO will be the first DAO to send a person into space

The decentralized self-governing organization MoonDAO, which wants to democratize access to space, has succeeded in the unusual effort of getting a person to travel aboard a New Shepard rocket from Blue Origin. Content creator Coby Cotton becomes the first person to go into space thanks to a DAO.

MoonDAO has raised funds to send someone into space

It is an achievement that is unusual to say the least, of which MoonDAO since last Thursday: being the first Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) to have sent a person into space. In fact, this took place on August 4 during the 22ᵉ New Shepard mission of Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos’ space company.

The rocket thus ended successfully 6ᵉ manned flight of the company. On board was Coby Cotton, a videographer who co-founded the Dude Perfect YouTube channel, which has over 58 million subscribers. The person was thus appointed by a MoonDAO member vote to perform a ten minute flight which will have brought him above the Kármán line that marks the beginning of space at an altitude of 100 kilometers.

While the ticket price is unknown, the DAO’s treasury currently stands at approximately $9.5 million. Most of it is is made up of MOONEY tokensthe project’s token.

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A DAO to democratize access to space

MoonDAO values ​​are based on the fact that space must be accessible to all. We can also find the following comments on their website:

“MoonDAO is an international collective of people united by the mission to decentralize access to space research and exploration. […] We defend the values ​​of inclusion, peace, transparency, freedom of organization and freedom of expression. Space should be in the hands of the people, not a single nation or private entity. »

If such promises can make you smile, acknowledge that actions have been for the moment placed before the text. Sending a person into space also corresponds to phase 2 of their roadmap. Since they have another ticket with Blue Origin, a second flight is scheduled before the end of the year for a member who will be drawn.

Their ambition for a lunar colony is unlikely to be realized for many years, if at all. Nevertheless, MoonDAO already has marked the history of the DAO by expanding the range of opportunities for such organizations.

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Sources: MoonDAO, DAO Treasury

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