How do you insure your car for the holidays?

Car insurance: compulsory coverage for all vehicles

Motorhome, van, car … whatever the model, it’s important to insure your vehicle before hitting the road. This insurance obligation for motor vehicles on land protects injured parties in the event of an accident. That Liability insurance is mandatory in all car insurances. If the owner of the vehicle is responsible for an accident on the way to the holiday, this guarantee allows the insurance company to cover bodily injury and material damage caused to third parties.

In the event that the vehicle is not insured, the driver must pay a fine of 500 euros in addition to financially assuming all damages. This is why it’s important to get car insurance before hitting the road, even for a five-minute trip. However, the terms and conditions for taking out car insurance vary depending on the type of vehicle you own. For a motorhome owner, for example, it is essential that he has a specific driving licence, especially if he is going on holiday in the mountains or by the sea.

Regardless of whether it is a personal car or rental car, regardless of the destination, it is essential always having evidence and His car insurance while driving. These documents must be kept in a safe place throughout the holiday.

Buy temporary car insurance for the holidays

Temporary or interim car insurance was originally designed to cover imported cars. Today, it is possible to take out this type of car insurance for holidays, but only for a period in between 1 and 90 days.

The conditions for taking out temporary car insurance

Unfortunately, temporary insurance cannot be purchased by all drivers. In general, the driver must be old 21 at least one year old and have held a driving license for at least two years. Apart from these two conditions, in order to take out this type of car insurance, the driver must state:

  • a copy of the driver’s license,
  • a copy of the gray card,
  • a sworn statement showing his driving history or a copy of his most recent information statement.

If the driver makes an affidavit, it is important that he notes all the serious or sinister offenses (speeding, drink driving, etc.) that he may have caused. In the event of an accident, if the driver had omitted any of this information, the insurance company may consider that the latter has provided a false statement. He will then have the right to terminate the contract and not to compensate the driver.

The formulas offered for temporary car insurance

The formulas that insurance companies offer for temporary car insurance vary depending on the length of stay and the company. It should be remembered that all temporary car insurance formulas include a basic formula that includes civil liability coverage and legal protection in the event of a claim.

The longer the insurance lasts, the more the driver is entitled to certain additional guarantees from certain insurance companies. The latter can thus benefit from the driver’s guarantee, which fully protects him in the event of an accident. This guarantee covers medical expenses as well as hospitalization expenses, but also the moral damage suffered.

Temporary car insurance can too include the assistance and repair guarantee. This warranty generally covers towing the car in case of damage, replacement of the car in case of repairs, transport costs, etc. In certain special cases, this warranty may cover the stay of the driver and passengers during the repair period. Finally, additional car insurance may include damage coverage.

A person can take out temporary car insurance while on holiday for two specific reasons: when renting a car or when traveling abroad with their own car.

What to do for rental cars on vacation?

Generally, car insurance for a rental car includes liability guarantee which is symbolized by the acronym “IT”. Damage guarantees are optional. They allow the driver to be compensated for the damage the vehicle has suffered, even if the driver is responsible for the accident. These guarantees also allow you to be covered even in the event of theft of the rented vehicle. Due to their optional nature, damage warranties are generally not included in basic rental vehicle insurance contracts.

That is why, in order to be better protected in the event of an injury, it is best to find out about the guarantees in the car insurance contract for the rental car. In the event that the guarantees are not satisfactory, it is preferable to take out a more comprehensive car insurance by contacting the rental company. The driver can also choose individual insurance which protects him more with any insurance company that offers temporary car insurance.

holiday car insurance

Car insurance on holiday: what to do for a trip abroad with your car?

For holidays abroad with your own car, regardless of the duration, it is essential to read your insurance contract carefully in advance. In France, the various car insurances taken out cover the insured in the 44 countries that have entered into a multilateral guarantee agreement with France. It is therefore important to check whether the holiday destination is one of these 44 countries. These countries are listed on the back of the green card or international car insurance card.

If the holiday destination is not included, it is important to find out in advance about the applicable regulations in the country. You must also subscribe border insurance with his car insurance company or another French company in France. In addition to this, the driver must also purchase an insurance policy issued at the country’s border.

For a stay of less than six months in any country in the European Union, the driver and car owner are considered French residents. The vehicle can therefore retain its French registration and remain covered by its original car insurance. However, if the basic insurance contract only contains basic guarantees, the owner or driver can add additional guarantees to be better covered during his holiday.

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