Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft’s business management solution

Developed by Microsoft, Dynamics 365 Business Central is an all-in-one management solution that allows SMEs to centralize all their needs in a single solution. Discover it in detail.

Agility is an essential quality for small and medium-sized enterprises: in a constantly changing world, where the challenges are constant and numerous, responsiveness and the ability to constantly adapt to changes in the sector are essential for a PME to develop its activities positively. It concerns the management of contracts and business finances, inventory management, production and logistics management, relations with customers and prospects… in general, SMEs have one or more ERPs to manage the many processes used in business, as well as a customer relationship management tool, CRM.

But since needs are constantly changing and you have to evolve along with them, these business solutions often show their limits very quickly: they are not adapted to changes in the business, do not have interoperability features with other software and professional solutions… in the end these tools, although designed to make life easier for VSEs/SMEs, obstacles to agile development.

It is this meaningful observation that led Microsoft to offer Dynamics 365 Business Central, an all-in-one management solution that covers all areas of business, improving the fluidity of information circulation, facilitating administration, and therefore improving SME productivity and profitability.

A solution for everyone

Dynamics 365 Business Central is based on the principle of interconnection, dear to all VSEs/SMEs that want to combine digital transformation with simplified organization: there is no point in dematerializing your business services if it does not allow for better circulation information. With Microsoft’s solution, everyone benefits: the finance and accounting department has solutions to speed up the closing of accounts and can monitor the company’s financial results in real time, while at the same time having a concrete overview of forecasts based on current contracts.

The production and logistics department, for its part, keeps a permanent eye on the entire supply chain, from stock and warehouse management to monitoring operations and purchases, which makes it possible to optimize the company’s profitability. . Finally, the sales department can manage the sales process from A to Z and optimize customer relations through Outlook, Microsoft’s messaging service.

With Dynamics 365 Business Central, the management of company files and projects takes place dynamically and fluidly with fully customized business applications. Enough to be reactive to all situations respecting budgets, but above all with the aim of always doing better and always going further. And if you wish, you can combine the tools with external solutions thanks to personal connectors: we can mention in particular the dematerialization tool for supplier invoices Yooz, compatible with Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Intuitive handling for a complete solution

Because it takes place in the Dynamic 365 environment, Dynamics 365 Business Central uses clear graphical codes and the intuitive interface of solutions developed by Microsoft for VSEs/SMEs. It is easy to get started and guided through the many available functions. To help employees in all departments understand the subtleties, online training is offered, completely free, at MaPmeNumerique.fr to find the solution in more detail.

The all-in-one management solution is combined with Microsoft 365 solutions, such as Outlook messages, the office suite including Word, Excel and PowerPoint, the OneDrive online storage solution or the Microsoft Teams collaboration solution. This makes it possible to create a dematerialized environment that plays the interoperability card and enables teams to be in constant contact in the company’s offices, but also when they travel or work remotely.

The power of Dynamic 365 Business Central is obvious, but Microsoft takes it even further by combining it with Dynamics 365 Sales Professional, designed to improve sales-related productivity, and Dynamics 365 Customer Service Professional, which helps optimize customer service management. By relying on the different solutions that Microsoft offers, you can be sure of having solutions that are perfectly designed to work together, optimized and constantly updated, and that do not require development steps on the part of the company.

Try Business Central now

Microsoft is offering businesses that are curious and willing to experiment with Dynamic 365 Business Central to take advantage of a 30-day, no-subscription trial offer. A relevant way to apply the benefits of the solution directly to the SME’s data. Don’t hesitate to contact a Microsoft sales representative today.

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