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At the beginning of August 2022, the ByMyCar group published a post on its LinkedIn account that gave some clues about the birth of a new entity. ByMyCar is creating a BtoB division within its network. It is in Lyon that the first ByMyCar for business center will open on September 1, with Ali Ben Hamad as director, who will manage this page dedicated to professionals and companies. The goal? Propose offers and solutions adapted to their business in terms of long-term mobility (VTC, short-, medium- and long-term rental), financing but also after-sales. Do you want to be part of the adventure? Join the team! 1 passenger car seller, 1 exclusive consumer vehicle seller, all brands ». To learn more about this new concept, Argus contacted Jean-Loup Savigny, the general manager of Fleetway, a unit of the Cosmobilis group, the parent company of ByMyCar. The opportunity also for the manager to detail the new strategy put in place to accelerate business to companies.

The BtoB potential seen from ByMyCar and Cosmobilis

“This opening is indeed a first brick for ByMyCar to the business world, but it is part of a more global approach by the Cosmobilis group, which wants to exploit the entire BtoB potential, be it Ucar, Fleetway, Marcel, etc. Our goal is to tell our customers that today we have the opportunity to give them mobility for any duration, starting with short trips to long durations 5 or 6 years old with prisoners and landlords. DOES NOTWe can deliver new and used vehicle contracts and also utilize the group’s multi-brand potential in the various sequences. So we will develop synergies that will allow us to work on this BtoB potential in different areas and plays on the respective capillarities of our entities. We want to develop an organization – we do not outsource anything – that reaches all customers regardless of device, while developing and promoting this mobility at all times.”argues Jean-Loup Savigny.

bymycar for company logo
ByMyCar for business is the new BtoB division of the ByMyCar car distribution group

After identifying potential and solutions, a system is currently being implemented for each unit. ByMyCar for the business structure must focus on two main purposes to increase its volumes : working on customer demand for multi-branding, especially with car broker Fleetway and becoming more aggressive in winning customers in the VSE-SME markets. The Group also intends to increase leases for used vehicles as they are currently more attractive compared to new vehicles (availability and pricing) and this is a means of developing in the medium term. A strategy that will be harmonized across the whole of France. A website dedicated to BtoB, ByMyCar for business, is now operational to offer access to mobility for any duration, promotional offers and services, including electric.

ByMyCar for business center in Lyon, a laboratory

“All this is very structured, it starts from Cosmobilis, and ByMyCar for business is one of the bricks in our BtoB conquest and of the synergies that we want to maintain in the group”. note that the professional and commercial activity makes up more than 30% of the group’s volumes directed by Jean-Louis Mosca and Carlos Gomes. As part of this new strategy, Jean-Louis Savigny states that he will then be able to do so “set targets in relation to agreements, completion percentage and cars. ByMyCar for the business site in Lyon will be able to enlighten us because it is a laboratory, an advanced base which will allow us to make the right decisions to know what will be tomorrow’s key indicators to manage BtoB. It is still too early to give figures, but we have big ambitions.’.

ByMyCar for business is the name of the BtoB organization for the distributor and will then have a dedicated website, but also a BtoB director to animate each of the 7 plates of the group (several dealers) in France, including Ali Ben Hamad for the Lyon region. If other spaces dedicated to this professional clientele seem to see the light of day in showrooms, in Lyon a detached and exclusive establishment has been created. The surface is quite large (large agent type) and includes a vehicle display area, offices and areas for customer reception and drop off and deliveries. This position is in full phase of recruitment and training.

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I’m not sure we can implement and duplicate this center because we had a real estate option. The unit will not necessarily be the same everywhere, there will be corners within concessions, but the goal is to implement the same organization and the same synergies on the seven plates. The ideal is to put together for these seven contact points conquest teams and follow-up teams »concludes Jean-Loup Savigny.

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